Tombola Bingo 50



Tombola Bingo 50 – Pop the balls to win, a great fun game Pulse – Exclusive tombola Bingo game CINCO – An amazing exclusive with a progressive jackpot Paper – tickets from 1p.

For a new twist on a traditional game check out Bingo 50 at Tombola. Instead of simply daubing your numbers, you pop them in this poptastic bubble wrap bingo game.

Tombola Bingo 50%

The prize you win in the Tombola Bingo 50 game varies with the price you pay but the major difference is that you still have an equal chance to win.

Choose from two Tombola online chat rooms; Apple and Strawberry. Tickets for bingo 50 start from 25p – £1.

Tombola Bingo 50Bingo

Someone could win a jackpot prize between £250 up to £1,000!

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Tombola Bingo 50

  1. Yuanhe Bingo Paper Game Cards 50 Bingo Cards in Mixed Colors. Each set of tiles comes with 90 tiles, numbered 1-90, for adding to Tombola, Bingo, and other games. These tiles are made of cuts of natural wood, numbers painted red to match traditional Tombola, and have a completely blank underside to be used as bingo chips.
  2. Tombola Bingo offers a competitive 200% cash match bonus on your initial deposit of £10 or more. You’ll also be entitled to an amazing reload bonus of £5 on every subsequent deposit you make regardless of how much you deposit.
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