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You might struggle to believe it, but Paddy’s Rewards Club is getting even better!

Click on the “sports” section. Scroll down the left-hand side of the page to pick your favourite sport. Move the centre of the page to find the latest betting odds. Tap the bets you like. Move to the right of the page, enter your stake in the bet slip, and confirm your selection. Paddy Power sports betting site review. All the latest Paddy Power first deposit bonus offers & Paddy Power new customer offers. Taking a punt on Paddy Power Sports is a very solid choice and hopefully the famed luck of the Irish will be with you too. Paddy Power In-Play, Paddy Power Cash Out & Paddy Power Live Betting.

Paddy Power Track My Bet App

“It’s not possible! How do you improve on perfection, Paddy?”

Yeah, we hear you. The combination of once-in-a-lifetime prizes, free bets and great offers and giveaways to Paddy’s Rewards Club members is a winning formula for sure, how can we possibly make it better?

Well, you let us know that you’d really like if we made it easier to track your progress – for those who don’t know, qualifying for Paddy’s Rewards Club offers and giveaways is really simple, find out more here.

Now, Paddy’s Rewards Club has a new location on our sportsbook app to track your weekly progress. You can opt-in and track your progress for Paddy’s Rewards Club in the My Bets section.

So now My Bets shows your live bets, settled bets and progress to Paddy’s Rewards Club. Simple really. Try it for yourself here.


That means you no longer have to jump through hoops of fire or wrestle with live alligators to see how their weekly bets are tracking, simply check out My Bets to see your up to date progress.

Much more sensible I think you’ll agree – though what we’re going to feed those alligators now, I don’t know.

And the improvements don’t stop there, because now customers who qualify each week for Paddy’s Rewards Club get a lot more than just free bets.

If you qualify on either sports or slots you’ll also receive:

  • Free entry to £1,000 Beat The Drop game (10 questions rather than 12)
  • Free entry to exclusive vegas tournament (€1,000 top prize)
  • Free entry to an exclusive poker tournament with a €1,000 Guaranteed Prizepool (Monday 8pm game)

So make sure you opt-in to receive the most up to date offers from Paddy’s Rewards Club and we’ll keep striving for self-improvement.

Now, time for a green bean and lentil smoothie, yum yum…

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The latest rugby odds are on now

The Paddy Power Guide To Responsible Gambling – Everything You Need To Know

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Tracking a bet after placing one is certainly one of the joys of enjoying a punt. After all, who doesn’t like to be in control and receiving live updates of the fluctuating Premier League odds or even the match you’ve decided to bet on? Only, life has a tendency to get in the way which means we can’t always hang around in the betting shops following our bet. There are weddings to attend, parties to be at and, for the truly unlucky among us, gender reveals to be present for.

Gone are the days, however, when you have to watch the proud parents-to-be poking a balloon with a needle whilst wondering if Harry Kane has managed to score the first goal against Everton. All you need to do to get back control of your life is to visit our Onside site!

Track your winners at Paddypower

Enter Mobile Number

Once there, enter your mobile number when prompted so that Paddy Power can send you helpful text updates on the bet you’ve placed. After you have done that, you’ll be able to receive live notifications on your bet straight to your phone. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be the first to know once Harry Kane’s penalty has been saved by Jordan Pickford.

Enter Password

You can’t get anything done these days without having to go through the rigmarole of having a password. But it’s a small price to pay for keeping up to date with the goings-on of your eight-fold Acca and the latest in-play markets. Choose a password so that you can keep track of your open and settled bets placed in the betting shops.

Enter Bet Number

All you need to do now is to enter your betting number so that Paddy Power can locate and then track the bet you placed. You’re probably asking yourself right about now whether it is that easy? And the truth is yes, it is. That’s why, when Paddy Power introduced this snazzy Track My Bet feature, there was a clamor to check it out. No one likes to brag, but it’s hard not to in this case.

How to Find Bet Number

The bet number will always be located near the top of the ticket that you receive. Your machine bet will always produce a 13 digit code so keep a lookout for this number at the top of your bet ticket.

How to Find Bet Number

Track My Bet

Well there you have it, straightforward and reliable; Track My Bet does all the things you wished could be done a few years ago when they weren’t being done. That’s modern technology for you, always getting to the bottom of things that really matter. And what could matter more than being given the option to cash out after placing a bet at an in-shop machine?

Paddy Power Track My Bet App Store

After all, you deserve the right to be chipper whilst not watching football due to circumstances out of your control, and what better way to do that than being notified that your team has just taken the lead against Manchester City. Funnily enough, that also may be the time to use Track My Bet’s cash-out feature.

Paddy Power App

Track your winners at Paddypower
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