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Mkekabet has been causing ripples in Tanzania betting industry. The bookmaker has enticing offers of offers like cashing in of multi-bets before completion, getting your stake back when a punter loses one bet in a five selection over 1.5 odd multi bet stakes and free bet offer for first-time users staking over KSH 1000 and lose.

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Placing bets either on the online, USSD or SMS option present chances of committing errors. These may range from staking either low or higher amounts, poor game selections, markets or a change of mind. According to its Terms and Conditions, ACCEPTED bets CAN NOT be canceled. An accepted bet is that stake that has a confirmatory message indicating their placement.

How to Cancel a MkekaBet

While the bookmaker expressly indicates that bet cancellation is an impossibility, there are several ways of going about this (before a bet is accepted). First is the fact that before a bet is placed online, the bookmaker often clarifies and offers a window for changing, making more selections or clearing the entire bet. In addition to this, every punter often stakes an amount in the empty dialogue box. Sports betting free no deposit bonus. Here are a few ways to cancel your bet

  • Check your bet slip to confirm whether you want to make any changes
  • Click the CLEAR BET option to cancel the bet
  • Another option
  • Click the home page and log out (Ensure you do this before entering any stake at the AMOUNT box
  • Alternatively, click the CANCEL option to cancel the bet in entirely
  • In case you enter an amount and you are prompted by the site if you are not sure of placing the bet for whatever reason, click NO.

How to Cancel a Mkekabet Bet Via SMS

Just as in the online option, cancellation via SMS is a tricky affair. There are several ways you can; however, try to use to solve this. SMS betting uses network connectivity to relay information from a user to the bookmaker. Terms and conditions of Mkekabet reserve it the rights to cancel a bet if the transmitted details are partial. The trick here is to ensure that the transit of the SMS stops. One can rely on network errors or weakened connectivity. Even in these conditions, it is still a matter of chance.

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  • Try switching off your phone immediately the message begins to be sent
  • You can achieve this through the removal of your phone battery.
  • Alternatively long press your power button to shut down the phone before the message delivery.
  • If you are near a specific place that network connectivity is a problem move to that place.

In the event, the means to halt an SMS relay doesn’t succeed, and Mkekabet sends an accompanying confirmatory message, the user options to cancel the bet become non-existent.

Bet Canceling Terms and Conditions

The fact that bet cancellation found in the third sentence of the general rules, stresses the position of the bookmarker on cancellation. Mkekabet enjoys a monopoly of discretion that it exercises only in extraordinary circumstances which include postponement, abandonment or computer error from their end. Their further denial of liability when a user makes a mistake is a vote of confidence in the measures employed to ensure users countercheck their slips before submission.

The user lacks the power to reverse a placed bet. In the event, he puts a bet he can cancel the bet while in transit both in the online and SMS platform. The only problem is all these there is a slim chance of cancellation of the bet.

In the past gambling was perceived as a game for the rich that involved risking along of money. As time has passed, these briefs have changed. This is because of the new changes even in the means of betting. It is possible to bet online, using your mobile phone via text message and the process is easy. This has favored everybody starting from a student sited in class for lectures, a banker in the office, and a doctor at work, a farmer in the shamba or even a pilot before flying off. Mkeka Bet is an online sports betting company that operates in Tanzania. The company even makes betting easier as they have an app that can be used anywhere anytime and on any device.

Mkeka Bet Registration Through Depositing Money

You can create a Mkeka Bet account by simply sending money to the betting platform using your mobile money service provider of choice. Here are the steps for the top mobile money platforms in Tanzania.

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Mkeka Bet Vodacom Deposit

  • On your phone dial *150*00#.
  • This will give you a list of options.
  • For m-pesa press 4 as instructed.
  • Select the option pay bills.
  • The pay bill number for Mkeka Bet is 238844.
  • The account name is mkeka.
  • Now enter the amount of money you wish to deposit.
  • The least amount that can be deposited when opening your account this way is 1000 Tanzania shillings.
  • Now enter your pin and dial 1 to confirm your transaction.

The payment will be confirmed and a text message containing your pin will be sent to you.

How to Deposit to Mkeka Bet Using Tigo

  • For Tigo Pesa, dial *150*01#.
  • The command will give you a list of options
  • Select 4 for pay bill (number may vary depending on current menu).
  • The pay bill number for Mkeka Bet is 238844 and the account name is mkeka.
  • Now feed in the amount of money you want to deposit.
  • The least amount that one can deposit when opening your account this way is TZsh1000.
  • Now enter your pin.

After a few minutes, you will receive a message containing your pin for Mkeka Bet account.

Mkekabet App Free Download

Mkeka Bet Airtel Deposit Procedure

  • Dial *150*60#. Select 4 for pay bills
  • Mkeka Bet’s business number is 238844.
  • Now feed in the amount of money you want to deposit.
  • Remember, the least amount of money you can deposit when opening your account this way is 1000 Tanzanian shillings.
  • The account name for the transaction is mkeka.
  • Enter your pin and dial enter.

You will receive a message confirming your registration, it also contains your pin number.

How to Deposit Money With an Existing Account

The procedure for depositing money for Vodacom, Tigo, and Airtel are the same procedures as those above but this time the minimum amount that one can deposit varies; 250 Tanzanian shillings for Vodacom and 1000 Tanzanian shillings for tigo and Airtel.


  • *150*60# for airtel
  • *150*01# for tigo
  • *150*00# for Vodacom
Mkekabet app free download windows 7

Select 4 for the pay bills option. The pay bill number for Mkeka Bet is 238844. Now feed in the amount of money you wish to deposit. The account name for the transaction is mkeka. Enter your pin and press ok to finalize your transaction. You will receive a message confirming your deposit.

You must make the deposit from the phone number you used to sign up for the account since your betting account and financial account is automatically tied to that number.

How to Bet Online With Mkeka Bet

  • Go to the website;
  • Enter your phone number and pin (the pin your received after signing up) and click sign in
  • Select your matches
  • Select stake
  • Click Bet now

A bet is deemed to have been placed once the bet ID has been issued. Once a bet is placed, it cannot be canceled.

How to Withdraw Money from Mkeka Bet

To withdraw SMS ‘w’ followed by the amount of money you wish to withdraw to 15739. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn in a day is 2000. In case you do not know the amount of money in your account you can confirm by sending the word ‘bal’ to 15739.

Mkekabet 100% First Bet Bonus

Mkekabet App Free Download Windows 10

The first bet bonus targets new eligible players who are yet to deposit their initial cash and place a bet. Mkekabet doubles your first deposit as long as it meets the following conditions. This means if you stake TZS 20,000, you will get a free bet worth TZS 20,000.

Mkekabet App Free Download

  • The first deposit must be at least TZS 2,000
  • The first cash bet must be at least TZS 2,000
  • The maximum free bet is TZS 40,000
  • The free bonus can only be used on games with odds greater than 2.0
  • The free bet is valid for only 7 days
  • You cannot use the free first bet offer in conjunction with other bets
  • You must register and claim the bonus by 30th, November 2018
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