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There’s a new progressive slot on the internet, and it’s attracting players from all over Canada. Mega Vault Millionaire is set to reach new heights on some online casinos, just like the famous Mega Moolah slot machine. Mega Vault Millionaire is provided by Microgaming and is only available at certain online casinos. It’s expected to become one of the slot machines with the highest payout on the market. The Mega Vault Millionaire slot machine went online on September 26th, 2019 and is already successful on the most-played online casinos in our guide.

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  2. Mega Vault Millionaire Progressive Slot Machine

The Mega Vault Millionaire Game is a Casino Rewards exclusive jackpot slot. The Mega Vault Millionaire Game is powered by the world famous game, which means that it shares the same progressive jackpots from Mega Moolah, which is always a. Mega Vault Millionaire is similar to other Mega Moolah-powered slots, where players try to hunt winning combinations by getting the same symbol along 25 active paylines. In this game, there are both standard card symbols ( 10, J, Q, K, A ) and unique ( money bundle, silver watch, sapphire, gold bars, princess, silver casket,. Mega Vault Millionaire is a captivating new progressive slot game with a massive jackpot of minimum $1 Million! This fun slot game is powered by the popular Mega Moolah. The chance to become an instant millionaire with a single spin on the reels is what has already made the progressive jackpot slots popular. Mega Vault Millionaire is a new game powered by the hugely successful Mega Moolah. It is available EXCLUSIVELY at Casino Rewards Casinos, such as Yukon Gold, Luxury Casino, Zodiac Casino and Grand Mondial, which all offer free chances for new players to become an instant millionaire on their first deposit. The progressive slot game with a guaranteed 1 million jackpot! My Review of Mega Vault Millionaire. Looking for the right game to win MASSIVE JACKPOTS on has never been easier with the addition of Mega Vault Millionaire. This is one of the newest progressive jackpot slot games for online casinos, and everyone has been talking about it.


Mega Vault Millionaire is an amazing slot machine which has the potential to create a millionaire at any moment. Each mega jackpot offers winnings of at least C$1 million. Experienced players know that spinning the reels isn’t just a way to win big, it’s also a way to have fun online.

Where can I play Mega Vault Millionaire?

This exclusive game is only available on certain prominent online casinos. All of which have one thing in common, they’re managed by the Casino Rewards group. Since 2000, Casino Rewards has been one of the most promising virtual casino groups. This group is especially popular among players because it dishes out plenty of big wins to lucky players. The best-known casino brands in this group are Yukon Gold, Zodiac Casino and Grand Mondial, all of which are popular with slot machine fans! The main driving factor being that Casino Rewards’ casinos pay out money at an unbeatable rate. Other Casino Rewards brands are also worth mentioning, such as Casino Classic, Casino Action and Luxury Casino.

Try your luck at Mega Vault Millionaire with no deposit

One of Canada’s best deals in this area comes from Casino Classic. With this casino every new player gets a free chance to become a millionaire in an instant without having to make a deposit. So, you can try your luck without taking a risk! Furthermore, for players who want to deposit money, Casino Classic has a great offer. With just a C$1 deposit, you can enjoy 40 spins of 0.25 to play on Mega Vault Millionaire. In addition, with Casino Classic, each player can also receive up to C$500 in free bonuses! However, you’ll have to make real money deposits to receive these bonuses.

Other online casino deals accepting Canadian players

We only list online casinos offers with real opportunities to increase your chances of winning. For example, with Grand Mondial Casino you get 150 free spins on the Mega Vault Millionaire slot with a starting bet of C$10 on your first deposit. If you like to bet big, take a look at our welcome bonus page! The offers listed there are the most generous known to date.

How to play Mega Vault Millionaire?

As with the Mega Moolah machine, the progressive slot has 5 reels, 3 lines and 25 winning combinations.

Mega Vault Millionaire Betting Chart
Min. of the token: 0.01Max. of the token: 0.05
Min. bet: 1 per line (25)Max. bet: 5 per line (125)
Min. bet: 0.25Max. bet: 6.25
Payment per line: from 25 to 125

Each player can choose between the following currencies: $ (CAD), $ (US), £ (GBP) and € (EUR). The jackpot amount increases each time a player makes a bet, just like on Mega Moolah. So, the chance of winning big is real. Much like Mega Moolah, when a player wins the pot, the jackpot automatically reboots to 1 million.

Bonus and Free Spins at Mega Vault Millionaire

Wild symbols replace all other symbols to create winning combinations and double the winnings. If 3 (or more) Scatter symbols appear, 15 free spins are activated. During Free Spin sessions, all winnings are tripled.

Mega Vault Millionaire Progressive Jackpots

There are 4 levels of jackpots at Mega Vault Millionaire. The Mega Jackpot is the biggest. The other 3 are less profitable, but they still offer significant winning potential. Each Mega Vault Millionaire jackpot starts with a minimum value. The value of the 4 jackpots increases each time a gambler bets money.

The Mega Jackpot starts at C$1,000,000
The Major Jackpot starts at C$10,000
The Minor Jackpot starts at C$100
The Mini Jackpot starts at C$10

Are there any good deals in the UK and Europe?

Mega Vault Millionaire Progressive Slot

If you play from England or Europe, you can’t take advantage of Casino Classic’s free no-deposit offer. But don’t panic! You can play Mega Vault Millionaire on other casinos too, but with different deposit offers. Casino Action has a great welcome bonus deal handing out up to C$1,250. Moreover, Casino Action is certified by the UKGC (The United Kingdom Gambling Commission), and the Malta Gaming Authority, in Europe. In short, whether you’re in Canada, England or another European country that allows online betting, you can try your luck at Mega Vault Millionaire. However, if you’re in the US, you won’t be able to register at our listed online casinos as online gambling isn’t allowed in most US states.

Casino Rewards – A trusted group

Casino Rewards has been active since 2000 and is one of the few trusted groups in the virtual casino field. With more than ten casino brands, Casino Rewards is present in more than 150 countries via the internet. Overall, the group’s casinos have over 20 million loyal players and have received numerous prizes and awards. In Canada, as well as in England and Europe, Casino Rewards is widely known by slot machine fans. And the winners are, of course, the best advertising that can be done for them. A quick glance at our biggest win section at Mega Moolah shows that Casino Rewards online casinos are the best. With the launch of the new Mega Vault Millionaire slot last month, brands like Casino Classic, Yukon Gold, Zodiac Casino and Grand Mondial will continue their reign in the years to come.

Mega Vault Millionaire FAQ

Is it legal to play this game from Canada?
Yes, it’s 100% legal, no matter which province you live in, the online games and casinos listed on our guide are allowed.
Is Mega Vault Millionaire only available at Casino Classic?
No, you can also play from other sites such as Zodiac Casino and Yukon Gold.
Is Mega Vault Millionaire exclusive to Casino Rewards?
Yes, you will not find this game on other casinos. Only Casino Rewards virtual casinos have it.
Mega Vault Millionaire is produced by Mega Moolah! What does that mean?
Mega Vault Millionaire is a game made by the provider Microgaming. As such, the slot machine uses the same structure as the Mega Moolah slot.
Can I win real money?
Of course. This game has real money and pays quickly and well. When you win, just ask for a receipt from the bank page of the casino. If you win a big jackpot, you’ll be contacted by the casino’s customer support team to be congratulated and paid according to your preferred method (bank transfer or check).
Can I win with bonuses and free spins?
Yes of course. Any player can win big using their bonuses and free spins.

Americas cardroom poker review. When you have the release of a massive new slot game, such as Microgaming's Mega Vault Millionaire and when you see the size of the potential prizes on offer in the game, particularly the Major and Mega progressive jackpot prizes, it is second nature to wonder to yourself if there is a way you can improve your chances of winning these prizes.

After all, anybody who has ever played a slot game has never done so without wondering what it would be like to land the biggest prize on the game, whether that is just a smaller cash prize, or one that could change your life immeasurably due to the size of the jackpot on offer.

However, one thing to be aware of is that there are some unscrupulous people out there who will try to use this against you. What do we mean by that? Well, although thankfully issues like this are in steady decline compared to the early days on the Internet, there will always be people that try to sell you a 'foolproof system' for winning on a slot, or landing a jackpot prize.

Thankfully many slot players are now well switched on to this form of scam and are well aware that on a slot where randomness is a key part of the process, you cannot predict the outcome of a spin, or a group of spins, and therefore any proposed system to win is entirely false and completely worthless.

However, does that mean that you are completely at the vagaries of chance when playing the Mega Vault Millionaire game, or are there any strategies you can improve to offer you a better chance of at least triggering the Jackpot Bonus Game at some point in your session?

Oddly enough, there is a way you can do this.

The importance of your stake in Mega Vault Millionaire

In the new Mega Vault Millionaire slot, just as was the case in the original and all other games that are linked to the progressive jackpot prize, your stake is crucial in offering you the chance to land a shot at the jackpot prize.

In the original, you had to bet on all 25 pay lines at least one coin of any denomination in order to make the minimum bet (0.25) to stand a chance of landing a shot at one of the four progressive jackpot prizes. In Mega Vault Millionaire, you must play all 25 lines in the game anyway as they are not selectable, but the minimum qualifying bet still remains 0.25.

Now players know that for their 0.25 spin they could trigger the jackpot bonus game. And if it was the case that your chances of triggering this bonus remained the same regardless of the size of your bet, then there would be no incentive for players to bet more per spin than this minimum amount. After all, the majority of people who play and Mega Vault Millionaire do so to try and earn a shot at the top progressive jackpot prizes.

Mega Vault Millionaire Progressive Slots

So what Microgaming have done for any game linked to the progressive jackpot, is to ensure that your chances of triggering the bonus game are scaled to the size of your bet. What does that mean?

Well it means if you decide to increase your bet to 0.50 per spin on Mega Vault Millionaire, then you would have roughly twice as much chance of triggering the jackpot bonus game than you would if you played your spins for 0.25. Similarly, if you bet 1.00 per spin, then you would have roughly four times more chance of landing the jackpot bonus game, than if you played 0.25 per spin.

Essentially, the more you increase your stake per spin, up to the maximum 6.25, then the chances you have of triggering the jackpot bonus game increase. This is an extremely clever way to do things as it allows players to adopt an approach to the game that suits them best.

For example, if you have say £50 to spend playing in a session, you could elect to play 200 spins at 0.25 per spin where you have the lowest chance of triggering the jackpot bonus game, but the most number of spins. Alternatively, you could double your chances of triggering the bonus by playing for 0.50 per spin, but you would have half the amount of spins to play through (100). You could even play 50 spins at 1.00 per spin, knowing that you have around four times as much chance on each spin as you would have playing the minimum bet, but you would also have fewer spins to try and trigger the bonus in.

Is there a best strategy?

Obviously, the thing to note here is that your chances of triggering the jackpot bonus game increases with the size of your bet, so betting as much as you can on each spin will give you the best chance of landing a shot at the bonus game.

However, it does not guarantee it, and having played the game myself, I know it is just as feasible to land a shot at the progressive jackpot spinning at 0.25, as it is at 0.50 or 1.00.


In truth, your bankroll should decide the size of your bet and the general rule of thumb I follow is to try and maximize out the number of spins in a session to around 50 or 100 and using my current bankroll as a guide, decide on the size of the bet from that. If I have more in the account, I will bet more per spin, if the account has been depleted a little, I may only bet 0.25 per spin.

It is worth noting that although stake size does impact your chances of landing a shot at the jackpots in Mega Vault Millionaire, or indeed any game, you still should adhere to all the principles of sensible slot gaming to ensure you don't over spend chasing that elusive jackpot game.

Does Mega Vault Millionaire offer me more chance of triggering the jackpot game, compared to Mega Moolah?

If you are a regular player for the jackpot, you will know that alongside Mega Vault Millionaire, there are a number of other games all linked to the same jackpot prize pool. These are, Mega Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive and Mega Moolah Summertime.

All these slots are very different to each other and you can only access all these games at Casino Rewards Network casinos (Mega Vault Millionaire is exclusive to casinos part of the network).

With the slots being so different it is easy to think that your chances of landing a shot at the jackpot game would be different on each, but Microgaming have got that covered too. Regardless of which game you play, your chances of triggering the jackpot remain the same, and what is more, a 0.25 bet on Mega Vault Millionaire has the same chance of triggering the jackpot as that same bet on any of the other slots.

A good way to get your head around this is to imagine the progressive jackpot part of the game, the random selection of the players who gets a chance to spin the jackpot wheel (or wheels in the case of Mega Vault Millionaire) as a separate entity that is linked to the basic slot games for each of the other slots.

Does Mega Vault Millionaire's New Jackpot Bonus Game offer me more or less chance of a big jackpot win?

Mega Vault Millionaire Progressive Slot Machine

In the older Mega Moolah slots, there was just one Jackpot Bonus wheel to spin in order to decide which of the four progressive prizes you would win. On Mega Vault Millionaire, this has changed to a sequence of three wheels.

On the first, you can either win the Mini jackpot, or earn a chance to spin the second wheel. On the second, you can win the Minor jackpot or a chance to earn a spin of the third wheel. On the third wheel, you are in for a treat as you will win either the Major or if you are lucky enough, the Mega jackpot prize.

This may seem that your chances of landing the better value progressive jackpot prizes on Mega Vault Millionaire are less, as you have to progress to the later wheels to earn better prize, but in fact, your chances of winning the jackpots remain the same. It is simply that Microgaming have decided to present those chances in a different way.

On the original jackpot bonus game, the wheel was not representative of your chances of winning. It doesn't accurately display your chances of winning each of the four jackpot prizes, it is simply the device used to show the outcome of your 'spin'.

It's the same process in Mega Vault Millionaire, it is just they use the three-wheel approach to display the outcome of your jackpot bonus attempt. The actual odds of you landing the jackpot prize, are the same in each bonus game, it is just they are displayed differently.

Knowing these key facts and especially the information about the importance of the size of your stake when playing the game, makes it easier to develop a strategy which is affordable for you, but also offers you the best chance possible of landing a shot at the massive prizes available on Mega Vault Millionaire and the other linked slots.

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