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200+ Powerball Jackpot winners till date

There are only 194 times Powerball Jackpot has been won since it starts, and a total of 216 people have shared the Jackpot amounts. Jackpot winners are the luckiest persons in the world, and they became millionaires overnight. Do you ever imagine you become rags to rich in just one day? If not, then start believing this because there is a chance to be a millionaire. Your destiny may change in just a few dollar's investments.

Here is the full list of Jackpot winners with their prize money:-

#Draw DateJackpot PrizeWinnerState
1February 01, 2003$101 millionRondal EatonIndiana
Watertown 34South Dakota
2February 22, 2003$42 millionCello Investments, LLCLouisiana
Milton and Ethel SchroederMissouri
3March 26, 2003$62.4 millionHobert & Mary ParnellWest Virginia
4May 07, 2003$88.7 millionAnthony and Monica WilsonSouth Carolina
5July 09, 2003$261.3 million William and Claudia WalkenbachMissouri
Scott and Marian CalliganPennsylvania
6July 16, 2003$13.5 millionAlva 'Jeanie' OsborneKentucky
7August 30, 2003$135 millionAeetos Trust, Rosemary Centola & Lawrence CentolaNew Hampshire
8October 25, 2003$190.9 millionRegina MandabachIndiana
Happy HuskersMinnesota
9October 29, 2003$10 millionJon & Louanne LashbrookIndiana
10November 05, 2003$12.8 millionJames and Rebeca AllenIndiana
11December 31, 2003$221.5 millionNorman and DeAnna ShueSouth Carolina
Lisa EnsorPennsylvania
12February 04, 2004$85.5 millionThe Bow TrustNew Hampshire
13March 13, 2004$89 millionTim and Pam RiversIndiana
14May 08, 2004$213.2 millionSteve and Kristine WhitePennsylvania
15May 29, 2004$52 millionJim Hare & Tom HarePennsylvania
16June 26, 2004$65.8 millionNot DisclosedSouth Carolina
17July 07, 2004$21.1 millionJackie and Jim LagoonMinnesota
18August 14, 2004$98.7 millionMary Beth and David WenellMinnesota
19October 09, 2004$214.7 million33 Co-Workers from SeafordDelaware
20October 16, 200414.4 millionJacquelyn MooreIowa
21December 08, 2004$171.4 millionWLT TrustPennsylvania
22December 22, 2004$30.9 millionTim SindelArizona
Steven HerberNebraska
Joseph Petto & FamilyPennsylvania
23January 08, 2005$36.8 millionPeter BapesWisconsin
24January 22, 2005$26.4 millionKathleen Fitzgerald, Karen Rodgers & Janet BiglerPennsylvania
25February 12, 2005$40.6 millionDuchess TrustLouisiana
26February 23, 2005$18.7 millionEric KyleIdaho
27March 05, 2005$19.9 millionBarbara & Craig LennenIndiana
28March 16, 2005$18.7 millionBob & Patty MacZuraPennsylvania
29March 30, 2005$25.5 millionThe Hubbard FamilyTennessee
30May 28, 2005$220.3 millionBrad DukeIdaho
31June 25, 2005$59.5 millionChristopher EwenConnecticut
32June 29, 2005$10 millionThe FEMA TeamWest Virginia
33August 10, 2005$93.4 millionJohn San CartierNew Mexico
34October 19, 2005$340 millionChaney & West FamiliesOregon
35November 02, 2005$36 millionScheinost FamilyMissouri
36December 14, 2005$113.2 millionHugh HawkinsIowa
37February 18, 2006$365 millionConAgra Foods CoworkersNebraska
38April 12, 2006$224.2 millionMissouri Lucky 13Missouri
39May 17, 2006$116.8 millionLan 'Bill' NguyenSouth Dakota
40June 17, 2006$101.8 millionWJW Investment TrustOklahoma
41August 05, 2006$208.6 million100 MiraclesWisconsin
42September 23, 2006$200.8 millionTim & Kellie GuderianIowa
43September 27, 2006$15 millionNot DisclosedKansas
44September 30, 2006$15 millionJane JabertLouisiana
45November 01, 2006$94.1 millionArizona 9Arizona
Michael HawesMinnesota
46November 29, 2006$74.5 millionJackie AlstonNorth Carolina
47January 24, 2007$254 millionWilson FamilyMissouri
48January 27, 2007$15 millionBarry & Barbara SalzmanArizona
49March 17, 2007$182.7 millionDaniel GannonOregon
50March 31, 2007$40.7 millionName WithheldWisconsin
51April 04, 2007$15 millionDick SandlinSouth Carolina
52April 28, 2007$67 millionDale Chellis & Toni SergottNew Hampshire
53May 23, 2007$62.8 millionFelipe PiñaNew Mexico
54June 27, 2007$105.8 millionDon & Joyce HarveyOklahoma
55August 25, 2007$314.3 millionCoteral & Hiles FamilyIndiana
56September 05, 2007$29.1 millionSteve PeotWisconsin
57September 26, 2007$61.5 millionNukote 22Kentucky
58September 29, 2007$15 millionWilliam Heid Jr.Louisiana
59October 03, 2007$15 millionJohn LorussoConnecticut
60October 10, 2007$20 millionEugene and Stanislawa MarkiewiczColorado
61November 28, 2007$151.9 millionSheila BotelhoRhode Island
62December 12, 2007$33.6 millionLinville Lee HuffKentucky
63January 16, 2008$97 millionCarl HunterLouisiana
64March 15, 2008$276.3 millionMonongalia County Tax Office 8West Virginia
65May 03, 2008$180.1 millionPaul RosenauMinnesota
66May 17, 2008$35.3 millionJonathan VargasSouth Carolina
67May 31, 2008$34.1 millionEmilia DelgadoLouisiana
68July 02, 2008$84.9 millionHeritage TrustOklahoma
69August 02, 2008$86.3 millionBarrie Edwards FamilyPennsylvania
70September 27, 2008$206 million Roswell Fun HaversNew Mexico
71October 04, 2008$20 million22 Postal WorkersPennsylvania
72October 29, 2008$58.6 millionMyrna and Thomas ShearerPennsylvania
73November 22, 2008$57.6 millionSWS Investments, LLCIndiana
74January 17, 2009$163.2 millionGMTR Investments, LLCIndiana
75February 28, 2009$174.4 millionPalmira NicoloPennsylvania
76April 08, 2009$144 millionRockson, LLCDistrict of Columbia
77May 27, 2009$232.1 millionNeal WanlessSouth Dakota
78June 20, 2009$88.1 millionJeff WilsonNorth Carolina
79June 27, 2009$25 millionRahul PatelConnecticut
80August 19, 2009$259.9 millionSolomon Jackson, Jr.South Carolina
81October 03, 2009$189 millionW. Steemers TrustFlorida
82October 14, 2009$31.4 millionDoug MironWisconsin
83November 11, 2009$96.6 millionDonald DamonKansas
84November 21, 2009$32.8 MillionThe End of the Rainbow TrustOklahoma
85December 26, 2009$128.6 MillionRob & Tuesday AndersonKentucky
86January 02, 2010$25 MillionName WithheldArkansas
87February 06, 2010$141.4 MillionFrank GriffinNorth Carolina
88March 13, 2010$211.7 millionSandra McneilNew Jersey
89April 21, 2010$258.5 Million Christopher 'Chris' ShawMissouri
90June 02, 2010$261.6 millionThe 2010 Blind Trust (George M. Hoffman)Ohio
91June 23, 2010$97 millionThe Lucky Thirteen Plus OneOhio
Kim Claassen and Joseph Lamport Jr.Montana
92July 10, 2010$73.9 MillionElizabeth Choras-HannaFlorida
93July 31, 2010$85.7 MillionH&N Family PartnershipLouisiana
94August 21, 2010$79 millionWilliam R. 'Randy'West Virginia
95September 18, 2010$116 MillionGerald L. RenderGeorgia
96October 06, 2010$61.5 millionThe Ziegler Family Revocable TrustFlorida
97November 06, 2010$128.6 MillionTeam VictoryMichigan
98December 01, 2010$95.3 millionSheila VerkeArizona
99December 11, 2010$37.5 millionMuncie MeadeKentucky
Shim PartnershipIllinois
100December 25, 2010$48.8 MillionJeffrey & Christine PintuffNew York
101January 22, 2011$122.1 MillionStephen KirwinNew York
102February 26, 2011$184 millionCarvajal Family GroupFlorida
103April 06, 2011$221 MillionDarin Fox and Todd ReardonIndiana
104April 23, 2011$74 MillionWilliam 'Bill' Swanson IIIndiana
105June 01, 2011$201.9 Million1937 Flatbush Avenue Dodgers LLCNew York
106June 08, 2011$25.6 MillionJimmy FreemanMassachusetts
107June 29, 2011$77.1 MillionNot claimed yetGeorgia
108August 10, 2011$228.9 MillionThomas MorrisMinnesota
109September 07, 2011$108.8 MillionName WithheldMaryland
110September 14, 2011$25 MillionKathy ScruggsGeorgia
111November 02, 2011$254.2 MillionThe Putnam Avenue Family TrustConnecticut
112November 19, 2011$59.9 MillionSteven LloydPennsylvania
113December 24, 2011$128.8 MillionNot DisclosedMaryland
114February 11, 2012$336.4 MillionThe Rainbow Sherbert TrustRhode Island
115February 25, 2012$70 MillionTara Ramirez/Case Park LLCNew York
116March 07, 2012$60 MillionOhana TrustRhode Island
117March 21, 2012$70 MillionJoseph & Celeste TamburelloNew Jersey
118April 25, 2012$172.7 million48 SEPTA coworkerssPennsylvania
119June 13, 2012$241 MillionThe Shipping 20Iowa
120August 15, 2012$337 MillionDonald LawsonMichigan
121September 26, 2012$120 MillionKJH Family, LLCIowa
122October 03, 2012$50 MillionNot DisclosedDelaware
123November 28, 2012$587.5 MillionCindy and Mark HillMissouri
Matthew GoodArizona
124December 05, 2012$50 MillionRoger CusterPennsylvania
125December 12, 2012$50 MillionRosa DeLeon and Reginald LeBlancMassachusetts
126December 19, 2012$50 MillionNot DisclosedKansas
127December 26, 2012$50 MillionChristopher McGurranFlorida
128February 06, 2013$217 MillionDave & Nancy HoneywellVirginia
129March 23, 2013$338.3 MillionPedro QuezadaNew Jersey
130March 30, 2013$50 MillionTed BaumgartnerIllinois
131May 18, 2013$590.5 MillionGloria C. MacKenzieFlorida
132May 25, 2013$50 MillionNot DisclosedDelaware
Not claimed yetFlorida
The Williams TrustLouisiana
133May 29, 2013$40 MillionPaul McDowellTexas
134June 22, 2013$131.5 MillionPatricia ChandlerPennsylvania
135August 07, 2013$448 MillionMario ScarniciNew Jersey
Ocean's 16New Jersey
Paul WhiteMinnesota
136September 18, 2013$399.4 MillionNot DisclosedSouth Carolina
137October 23, 2013$216 MillionCarlo 'Carl' MitchellCalifornia
138November 16, 2013$130.3 MillionNot claimed yetNew York
139December 11, 2013$122.9 MillionDavid & Erica HarrigNebraska
Maureen & Stephen HinckleyMassachusetts
140December 25, 2013$71.5 MillionKevin CarlsonMissouri
141February 19, 2014$425 MillionB. Raymond BuxtonCalifornia
142March 01, 2014$60 MillionJoseph SaxerCalifornia
143March 22, 2014$96.5 MillionJohn and Susan BrandsMissouri
144April 23, 2014$150 MillionFlaMass Family Lottery Joint VentureFlorida
145June 11, 2014$259 MillionRoy CockrumTennessee
146July 09, 2014$124.9 MillionMary Ann ThompsonOhio
147July 19, 2014$60 MillionJohn 'Jack' LongCalifornia
148August 09, 2014$90 MillionClaude 'Al' G.Colorado
149September 24, 2014$228 MillionVinh NguyenCalifornia
150November 08, 2014$202.6 MillionMarilyn BoldonMissouri
151November 29, 2014$90 MillionLisa N. QuamWashington
152February 11, 2015$564 MillionNot DisclosedPuerto Rico
Marie HolmesNorth Carolina
TL Management TrustTexas
153March 14, 2015$136 MillionNot claimed yetNew York
154March 21, 2015$50 MillionMichael DuncanTennessee
155March 25, 2015$40 MillionRocklin FourNew Jersey
156April 11, 2015$80 MillionAlice DawsonFlorida
157April 18, 2015$50 MillionNot DisclosedPuerto Rico
158June 03, 2015$188.9 MillionMaria HerreraArizona
159June 20, 2015$80 MillionOrencia BarzeyFlorida
160July 04, 2015$70 MillionTom ReaMissouri
161August 01, 2015$110 MillionWillie NelsonCalifornia
162September 30, 2015$310 MillionJulie LeachMichigan
163November 04, 2015$144 MillionAvondale Revocable TrustTennessee
164January 13, 2016$1.58 BillionMarvin and Mae AcostaCalifornia
The Nickel 95 TrustFlorida
Lisa and John RobinsonTennessee
165March 02, 2016$291.4 MillionJames StocklasFlorida
166May 07, 2016$284 MillionThe Smith Family Lottery PoolNew Jersey
167July 30, 2016$487 MillionRobin Egg 2016 Nominee TrustNew Hampshire
168September 17, 2016$246 MillionWilliam and Heather ten BroekeGeorgia
169November 26, 2016$420.9 MillionTennessee 20Tennessee
170December 17, 2016$121.6 MillionNot DisclosedDE
171February 22, 2017$435.3 MillionBohemian Financial, LLCIndiana
172March 22, 2017$156 MillionMai XiongWisconsin
173April 01, 2017$60 MillionNot DisclosedArizona
174June 10, 2017$447 MillionJeff LindsayCalifornia
175August 23, 2017$758.7 MillionMavis WanczykMassachusetts
176September 16, 2017$133.2 MillionJudy F.Colorado
177October 25, 2017$191.1 Million292 Family PartnershipLouisiana
178January 06, 2018$559.7 MillionGood Karma Family 2018 Nominee TrustNew Hampshire
179March 17, 2018$456.7 MillionEmerald Legacy TrustPennsylvania
180March 24, 2018$55.9 MillionThe Moose Family TrustLA
181May 19, 2018$315.3 MillionTayeb SouamiNew Jersey
182June 20, 2018$150.4 MillionSteven NickellOregon
183August 11, 2018$245.6 MillionThe Sea & Sand Trust (Nandlall Mangal)New York
184October 27, 2018$687.8 MillionRobert BaileyNew York
Lerynne WestIowa
185December 26, 2018$298.3 MillionDavid JohnsonNew York
186March 27, 2019$768.41 MillionManuel FrancoWisconsin
187June 01, 2019$344.6 MillionCharles W. Jackson Jr.North Carolina
188July 13, 2019$198 MillionFreedom TrustTennessee
189August 17, 2019$148 MillionNot Claimed yetNew York
190September 04, 2019$80 MillionDavid YaxNew York
191September 21, 2019$80 MillionPhillip ChippewaMichigan
192November 02, 2019$150 MillionBill LawrenceCalifornia
193January 29, 2020$396.9 MillionNot Claimed yetFlorida
194February 15, 2020$70 MillionNot Claimed yetMichigan

Recently, Someone won the jackpot on 15th Feb 2020 Draw. The prize money of the Jackpot was $70 Million. The lottery ticket was sold in Michigan, and it is not claimed yet. In 2015, on 11th Feb, three tickets won the Jackpot in that same draw. Jackpot value was $564 Million for that draw, so those three people got the same amount, and that has been the highest amount won in a single draw.

The lowest jackpot winner of $10 Million on the list is Jon & Louanne Lashbrook from Indiana, and that happened on October 29, 2003.

Grand Jackpot Win

Winning a Powerball Jackpot is the hardest ever thing in your life. Jackpot hitting probability is 1 out of 292,201,338. So if you win the jackpot, that means you are one of the luckiest people on the planet.

The probability of winning at least a prize in this lotto is 1 out of 24.9, which is pretty good. So you can recover your ticket costs for a few drawings by winning at least a prize in any draw. Betfair poker download.


Powerball lottery got its first Jackpot winner on February 01, 2003. It got shared by two people, Rondal Eaton from Indiana and Watertown 34 from South Dakota.

There are two years in which the Jackpot was won most times in history. In 2007 and 2010, 15 times, people matched the Jackpot numbers.

There are two unlucky years too in which the grand prize was won by least times. In 2017 and 2019, Only 7 times, people matched all six winning numbers.

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