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They Played, They Won. Will You Be Next?

The African safari-themed Mega Moolah, which Gold Bar 7 Slot Machinehas a starting progressive jackpot of $1 Million, as Gold Bar 7 Slot Machinewell as the latest addition to the jackpot family, Wheel of Wishes, starting with a jackpot of $2 Million. Explore the world of online gaming and find out more about everything there is. Sevens and golden bars are the two regular icons and you can trigger a number of cash rewards through them. Apart from the big progressive jackpot, the wild can trigger a cash reward of 2,000 coins if you play the round with 1 coin bet. The slot features two multiplier icons (x2 and x4) and they can land on any regular icon to multiply your line wins with their respective multiplying value.

Our Winner's Circle features winners of huge casino payouts and jackpots. From slots to video poker to keno and blackjack, the payouts keep getting bigger and bigger! One of the largest casino jackpots ever won from Casino ArizonaTM was $5.7 million.

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$104,808 Straight Flush Jackpot Winner

Joseph hit the 6-Card Straight Flush Jackpot for a cool $104,808!!

$29,122 Bingo Jackpot Winner

Frederick hit the Magic Ball Jackpot for $29,122 in June. Congratulations, Frederick!

Gold bar 7

$12,958 Bingo Jackpot Winner

Robert won $12,958 when he hit the Bingo Magic Ball Jackpot in the Casino Arizona Bingo Hall.

$7,000 Super Game Jackpot Winner

Sheronda won $7,000 when she hit the Super Game Jackpot playing Bingo at Casino Arizona.

$24,000 Slot Jackpot Winner

Cynthia R. won $24,000 when she hit a slot jackpot at Casino Arizona.

$8,900 Frame Game Jackpot Winner

Catherine hit the Frame Game jackpot for $8,900 while playing evening Bingo in December 2019. Congratulations, Catherine!

$43,868 Bingo Jackpot Winner

Lorraine hit the Bingo Magic Ball Jackpot in November 2019. The jackpot at that time hit for $43,868. Congrats, Lorraine!

$1,543,089 Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

The Wheel of Fortune Max-Bet Jackpot hit in September 2019, and it paid $1,543,089. The Jackpot Winner wished to remain anonymous.

$73,874 High Card Flush Jackpot Winner

Robert won 10% of the High Card Flush Jackpot with a six-card straight flush hand of A-K-Q-J-T-9 of diamonds!

$120,000 Bingo Bonanza Winner

Ralph won the giant $120,000 Bingo Bonanza jackpot!

$1,000 Blackjack Winner

Judy started her 2018 winning $1,000!

$164,648 Winner

Wendal was a lucky slot winner with $164,648!

$7,000 Keno Winner

Ronald won $7,000 from Progressive Mega Keno!

$5,000 Winner

Richard scored $5,000 playing blackjack!

Chevy Malibu Winner

Gary won a brand new Chevy Malibu from Daub & Drive!

$22,000 Winner

Patricia played Bingo and scored $22,000!

Ford Mustang Winner

Naotaka won a new Ford Mustang with Ride on the Wild Side!

Gold Bar Free Slot Play

Ford Mustang Winner

Carole took home a brand new Mustang with Ride on the Wild Side!

Ford Mustang Winner

Larissa H. won a new Mustang with Ride on the Wild Side!

$14,000 Winner

Minh won the $14,000 grand prize in Progressive Mondays!

New Car Winner

Mary H. won a brand new Honda playing Bingo Extravaganza!

$26,000 Winner

Judith T. took home $26,000 playing bingo!

$50,000 Winner

Fewder won $50,000 with a Royal Flush at the tables!

$44,800 Winner

Rekee W. won a $44,800 U Pick Bingo Jackpot!

$136,967 Winner

Charles M. got a huge payout with $136,967!

$15,000 Winner

Kristofer won a $15,000 Lucky Ladies jackpot!

Veteran's Day Slot Tournament Winners

These vets took home big chunks of cash during our Veteran's Day Military Appreciation Slot Tournament!

$5,100 Winner

Justin C. won a $5,100 Sizzling 7's bingo jackpot!

$12,350 Winner

Shelby J. won a $12,350 finale jackpot in bingo!

$8,297 Winner

Debra M. won a $8,297 Bingo Magic Ball jackpot!

$2,600 Winner

Tammy K. won a $2,600 Salt River jackpot!

$7,000 Winner

Stanley L. is a $7,000 Bingo Super Game winner!

$10,000 Winner

Phillip L. won HIS way to a $10,000 jackpot!

$6,053 Winner

Sharon won a Magic Ball jackpot of $6,053!

$20,000 Winner

Elizabeth W. won $20,000 in Bingo Bash!

$5,296 Winner

Leslie B. took home a $5,296 Bingo Magic Ball jackpot!

$9,100 Winner

Giovanni T. won the Sizzling 7 jackpot worth $9,100.

$4,500 Winner

Pamela T. won $4,500 in the Bingo Frame Game.

New Car Winner

Alonzo took home a 2016 Hyundai Elantra from the Bingo Daub and Drive Promotion.

$16,000 Winner

Larry won $16,000 on the 10 Times Pay Red, White & Blue.

$40,196 Winner

Terry won $40,196 on the Triple Stars.

$10,000 Winner

Gary won $10,000 on the 10 Times Pay Red, White & Blue.

$13,418.03 Winner

Stacy won $13,418.03 on the Return of the Sphinx.

$36,800 Winner

Robert won a $36,800 jackpot playing Bingo!

$41,800 Winner

Athena won a $41,800 jackpot playing Bingo!

Gold Bar 7's Slot Machine

$116,214 Winner

Joseph won $116,214 playing Three-Card Poker!

$75,000 Winner

George won $75,000 on our Triple Double Hot Ice machine with the Triple 7s!

New Car Winner

Henry took home a 2015 Ford Fiesta from the Bingo Extravaganza II Promotion.

$5,000 Winner

James won $5000 during our 2014 HalloWin Spin Casino Promotion!

$135,031 Winner

Wei Feng H. of Chandler, Arizona—Triple Red Hot Slot Jackpot winner of $135,031!

$18,884 Winner

Ron was the Bingo jackpot winner of $18,884!

$41,200 Winner

Shirley K. was the Bingo Bonanza jackpot winner of $41,200!

$98,000 Winner

Charlene won $98,000 on the Bingo U-Pick Jackpot.

$5,000 Winner

Melvin H. won the Bingo Super Game Jackpot of $5,000.

$30,600 Winner

Creighton hit the U-Pick Jackpot in Bingo for $30,600.

$10,016 Winner

Betty won $10,016 playing Double Classic Sevens.

$10,000 Winner

Joseph won $10,000 playing Double Red Gold.

$5,900 Winner

Jennifer hit the Double Action Jackpot in Bingo for $5,900.

$25,048 Winner

Whitney won $25,048 playing Return of the Sphinx.

Promo Winner

Phillip won Phoenix Suns Season Tickets at the Hoop It Up promotion.

$93,803 Winner

Victor won $98,803 playing Triple Double Stars.

The Gold Bar 7s slot machine by IGT can be found in a few different configurations such as this 3-reel 27 line configuration or even a 5-reel mechanical version. I believe there are also video versions of the game, too! There isn't a bonus in this slot, but it does allow for a 'Blackout Pay' which is achieved by filling the screen with all gold 7s or all silver 7s: wild symbols will also qualify you for a blackout pay and line pays are paid IN ADDITION to any blackout pay, a great feature! At an odd $5.40 max bet, I gave it a shot with a good result, Enjoy!


Aaron Tomaselli

Gold Bar 7's Slot Machine

Got a nice quick win on this machine today. 4 spins in and 1 away from all gold 7s, and another good line hit on the backup.

Wyatt Ogle

This is my all time favorite slot machine to play, I always win on it

Jay Olack

What is the 'blackout pay' on this machine?

amy kamrowski

It's cool to watch people win. if I wanted to watch someone lose at the casino, I would just tape my own play.

Sandy Billings

I like to watch the winning videos I already see enough of my losses! Plus you may post I winning video but have already had 25 losses!

Slot Traveler

That was quick and nice! I'm not a reel 'lover' but there are some good wins to be had on them! Thanks for sharing!

Michele Sharp

I love watching you win! Can you say whether you live on the west coast or not.

brian williams

Yes' the rooster1122', I agree .It would show that you're human and do lose occasionally. or at least lose and then add money, play and then hit.At least you push the take button so we don't have to waste time with the 'coin show' which we've all done, so thank you for that....

Jennifer Goodwin

So many 3 reel games posted by filmers today! It didn't take you long to get to the back-up spin this time. Easy and early - that's how we like those hits.

Daniel Pinho

Fish slot machine. I just hit the same win amount 2 hours ago on the same machine.

Bebetter Flow

$5.40 is a high bet but It's got penny payouts Play $1 Double Gold instead

Harley Handler

Why do you always show the wins? Why don't you post some of your dump ones? Be a little more like it as, nobody wins all the time buddy!! Everybody knows that!

Grace Seonbuchner

were on to you BP..Basement 4 posting

Legend Of Pablo

Yes, you can do better to answer the question on the video! No video available, too much attention/security.
The great thing about this game is that it pays you the jackpot/blackout pay AND the line hit. Ended up hitting for 2100ish.

Free Bar Slot Machine

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