Funky Monkey Slot

Funky Monkey is an interesting online slot game that’s themed after a band of monkeys playing instruments. Players will enjoy the interesting cast of characters while playing through round after round of this slot game, and the lucky few will also unlock some decent prize payouts as well.
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Funky Monkey slot machine from Playtech (not to be confused with an RTG game under the same name) follows the visual footsteps of the classic machine series of that developer and I must say I’m not a big fan of it. Slot Funky Monkey, legalized gambling and crime rate, casino downtown baltimore, uniform+for+casino+dealer. Clear-Visit casino Free Spins.

Wager Options

Funky Monkey make sit easy for most gamblers to try the game out without having to spend any more than they are comfortable spending. That’s because the minimum wager on the slot is just $0.01. The maximum wager is $5.00 per line, which means that even high rollers can get some decent bets off. There are 20 paylines that can be switched on or off, so gamblers can wager between $0.02 and $100.00 per spin.

Watch for the Monkey

The Funky Monkey symbol is the wild of the slot and appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. It subs in for all but the Funky and Monkey letter symbols, and will help increase the total number of slot wins that you get while playing the game.

Medium Prize Payouts

Funky Monkey doesn’t offer massive prize payouts like some online slots, but instead offers a bunch of mid-level prizes. Players can win 2,000 coins, 1,500 coins, 1,000 coins or 1,000 coins from four different symbol combinations. With so many decent prizes to pick up while going through the rounds, there’s always something decent to win. That’s why so many people are able to play the game and get a win that they are happy with.

The Banana Guitar

The Banana guitar is the scatter symbol in Funky Monkey and a good powerful symbol for winning better prize payouts. You can get prizes worth as much as 100x your total wager amount from this symbol, making it worth as much as $10,000 for players with a top wager.

A Powerful Free Spin Feature

Funky monkey slots Getting Funky and Monkey lettering at the beginning and end of the slot reels will launch you into the special bonus round of this online slot. During the round you start things off by picking one of three monkeys to play music for the audience. The reaction he gets from them determines how many free spins you get up to a maximum of 25. During those free spins the multiplier starts at 1x, but each Funky or Monkey symbol you get raises it up to a maximum of 10x. Not only that, but both the Funky and Monkey symbols serve as wilds during the rounds for better chances to win high prizes.

Random Jackpot Fun

Funky Monkey comes with a powerful random progressive jackpot that can be worth more than $10,000 with enough luck. This powerful jackpot is paid out at random after any spin of the reels and it’s shared between all the different players that try the slot out. That means that everyone is paying into this jackpot and you could be the lucky player that manages to win it! Funky Monkey is a lot of fun and offers a wide range of prize-winning opportunities to gamblers. Sure there are other slots that offer bigger top prize payouts, but few offer as many mid-level payouts as this slot, making it nearly as good.
100% UP TO $1600
100% UP TO $1000
100% bonus up to $200


At a first glance of its title, Funky Monkey seems like it’s going to bring a whole bunch of excitement to the screen. Well, it does manage to do that in one way, but not in the way that we were thinking of. You see, it’s not a modern day video slot offering. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still modern, but it provides a classic slot interface to play on. And the Funky Monkey in question will be standing by at the top of the reels to witness your gameplay. But while the game provides some vibrant colours and an overall impressive design structure, it can’t really boast anything special from a first impressions stand point. Furthermore, with the range of slot games that are available online today, players are always looking for something unique. Something that they’ve never played before. Funky Monkey, again from a first impressions view point, doesn’t bring that to the screen. However, we could be judging a book by its cover. So, let’s see what it does hold, rather than what it doesn’t.

As we said earlier, this game is a classic slot offering. With that being the case, you will see three separate reels on display and three rows. However, there is just a single pay line for you to bet on. This runs right through the central row, so your winnings combinations need to be in view across it. Of course, this also means that there’s no possible way of customising the active pay lines, as there’s only one. However, you do have the chance to adjust the value of the wager that you place per spin. First of all, you can alter the value of a single coin between $0.01 and $5. Then, you can select how many of these coins you want to be active per spin. The game offers up a choice of between one and three. That being the case, you can wager a maximum overall amount of $15 per spin in Funky Monkey. There isn’t any inclusion of such functions like autoplay though.

While the slot is a classic offering, it doesn’t slack so much on the graphics. Instead, you’ll have the chance to see some impressive imagery throughout. As we said, the monkey in question can be seen in the background of the game. Then, upon the reels, you will see the selection of different icons. The first three of these symbols come in the form of the 1BAR, 2BAR and 3BAR offerings. These are present in green, blue and orange, respectively. If you bring a combination of any three of these into view on the win line, it provides you with the lowest pay out. There’s an icon of a bunch of bananas as well, which can pay out up to 240 coins. Then comes the symbol of the sunglasses that the monkey is wearing. Some form of straw house comes next, and then there’s another icon of a palm tree. The very last symbol that will appear in this game, is the bongo drums.

As it stands, this slot sticks very closely to the classic game path. So, rather than overwhelm players with specialities, it goes in the opposite direction. Completely. Meaning that it is severely underwhelming in this area. The only additional perk to playing this game aside from the base gameplay, is the bongo drum symbol. If three of these show up across the win line, then you will receive the biggest pay out. This stands at a total of 2,500 coins altogether!

This remains as the game’s only special feature inclusion. So, there isn’t a wild icon, no scatter symbol, bonus feature rounds or anything. Current odds to win world series 2020. There isn’t even the addition of a gamble round for you to play after forming a win. Funky Monkey stands as being a very minimal slot game.

Funky Monkey Jackpot Slot

If, like us, you find the base gameplay of this slot to be fairly good – even if quite basic – then we can also recommend a few other slots to try out. For example, you could spin the reels of the RTG game, which also goes by the title of Funky Monkey. There are 20 win lines in this game to spin through though, and it contains a five reel, three row layout. You can also win five or more freespins of the reels, with multipliers of between times one and times 10 being present. Alternatively, why not check out Lucky News Network from Microgaming? Again, it’s a standard five reel, three row layout in this one. You’ll also get the chance to activate a single bonus feature, which Funky Monkey doesn’t provide. Finally, if you’d like to stick with the Playtech range, why not spin Phantasy Star Reels? While this one also sticks to the standard video slot interface, it also allows you to activate freespins. There are between one and 27 of them available to you, with multipliers of up to times eight.

Funky Monkey Slots

We can’t say that we’re the hugest of fans of this slot game. It’s a standard base game with little else to appeal to players. Perhaps if you prefer a slot with simpler playability, then this one is for you. However, for those who prefer the chance to trigger a bonus feature round or two, we’d suggest for you to check out the games that we spoke of above.
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