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Cleopatra Keno is an exciting video keno game with a free play bonus if the last number drawn hits a marked spot in a winning game. The bonus is 12 free plays where any wins are multiplied by two. Preference: US Cleopatra Slot Machine Mesa AzDollars, Canadian Dollars, GBP, SEK or Euros. Whenever a currency is mentioned (in connection with bonuses, deposit eligibility, bets, Cleopatra Slot Machine Mesa Azjackpots, etc) it will be calculated in US Dollars and converted to your chosen currency.

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100% Match Over Two Deposits
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If you’re a frequent slot player, the Cleopatra slot machine is a game that needs no introduction.

IGT released the land-based version in 2005, and it’s as popular today as it was back then. The online version of Cleopatra, which is similar, was released in 2017. Virtually every major land-based and online casino offers it, including PA online casinos.

Cleopatra Gambling Machine

It has been such a success that IGT released two sequels to Cleopatra: Cleopatra Plus (with a “level up” feature) and Mega Jackpots Cleopatra.

If you are new or relatively new to online casino gambling and undecided about which slot game to play, you can’t go wrong with Cleopatra.

The basics of the Cleopatra slot machine

Cleopatra is an ancient Egypt-themed slot based on the last pharaoh of Egypt. Her reign has been the inspiration not only for this slot game and many others, but also for books, plays, and movies.

So, if this is a subject that intrigues you, and you’re looking for a “wild” opportunity to hit a big payday, look no further. Now may be the perfect time to take a virtual trip on the Nile and see where the adventure takes you.

The Cleopatra online slot consists of five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines. In that respect, it resembles many other modern online slots.

Cleopatra is a “medium volatility” slot with a return to player, or RTP, of 95.02%. This rate is above average for PA online slots; however, not the best you can find by any means. Most online slots have an RTP of 96% or higher, while some have an RTP of 94% or even lower.

A high RTP doesn’t guarantee you will win, nor does a below-average RTP guarantee you will lose. It is the expected payout rate over the lifespan of the game, not by session.

Wide range of bet sizes to suit any player

Cleopatra gives you the option to adjust the number of paylines you want to play. Small-stakes players can opt for fewer than 20 paylines. To begin, select the number of paylines you would like to play, which can be any number from one to 20. Then choose your line bet, which can be from 1 cent to $10.

Cleopatra Poker Machine Game

The two numbers multiplied together equals your bet amount for each spin. In other words, the amount you bet per spin can range from 1 cent to $200.

Cleopatra slot machine symbols

As soon as you start the game, you can’t help but be drawn in by the brightly colored, intricately detailed symbols on the reels, including the captivating Cleopatra herself.

Meanwhile, a few bars of rousing soundtrack playing in the background will dispel any last-minute trepidation you have about your imminent adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

Regular symbols

Surprisingly, the symbols in this game do not include the two people most closely associated with Cleopatra: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Instead, the five higher-paying regular symbols consist of the following:

  • Scarab Beetle: An ancient Egyptian symbol of immortality with a green background.
  • Lotus: Three flowers with a purple background.
  • Cartouche: A gold tablet that was for Egyptian hieroglyphics with a blue background.
  • Crook & Flail: Two tools crossing each other with a gold background.
  • Eye of Horus: A single open eye, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, health, and regeneration, with a red background.

The two highest-paying regular symbols are the scarab and lotus. Five of a kind across the reels pays 37.5x your stake or $7,500 on a maximum bet of $200.

The six lower paying regular symbols are the playing cards nine through ace.

Winning combinations for all but the scarab, lotus, and nine symbols occur when three or more of the same symbol line up on adjacent reels on a working payline from left to right starting with reel one.

The scarab, lotus, and the nine-card only require a minimum two-of-a-kind in adjacent reels starting with reel one to produce a payout. Of course, the payout for just two of these symbols is small, but it is better than nothing. Only the highest win on a working payline will pay out.

Wild symbol

Cleopatra Poker Machine Online

Cleopatra, as you would expect, is the wild symbol. As such, it substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol to help form winning combinations or add to existing ones.

Also, anytime the Cleopatra wild symbol contributes to a winning combination, the payout doubles. You will also hear the phrase, “twice is nice,” which is a nice touch. However, what is not so nice is that even with the double payout, some of these “wins” are so tiny they don’t even cover your bet size. Also, you may experience a long string of spins in succession that come up empty.

Cleopatra, on its own, is the highest-paying symbol in the game. You need two or more to land adjacently on a working payline, starting with reel one to produce a winning combination. It will pay you half, 10x,100x, or 500x your bet, respectively, for two, three, four, or five Cleopatra symbols in a row. If you’re lucky enough to have five in a row land across the reels with a maximum bet of $200, you will collect $100,000.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol is the Sphinx. Three, four, or five of these symbols appearing simultaneously anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus round. The bonus consists of 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier (or 6x multiplier when Cleopatra contributes to a win on any of the free spins). Willy wonka casino slots found golden ticket.

But that’s not all. As long as at least two scatter symbols land, you automatically win. Depending on the total number of scatter symbols landing (two, three, four, or five), you will immediately receive 2x, 5x, 20x, or 100x your stake.

Special free spins bonus feature

As mentioned above, whenever three or more Sphinx scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels, you trigger the Cleopatra bonus round, where you will win 15 free spins. During the free spins, all wins except those that include Cleopatra symbols will triple. The latter will multiply your winnings six times.

You can retrigger the Cleopatra bonus if three or more Sphinx symbols appear again anytime during the free spins. You can trigger the free spins a maximum of 12 times in a row, for a total of 180 free spins.

Winning combinations during the free spins bonus round will payout, depending on the same number of paylines and the same line bet as on the spin that triggered the free spins.

Is the Cleopatra slot game worth your time?

If you decide to give the Cleopatra slot game a try, I recommend the online version over the land-based version of this slot, for the simple reason that the online version has a higher RTP.

The difference comes from the online game, but not the land-based game, paying out when just two scatter symbols land on the reels and also when two No. 9 symbols land on reels one and two.

When you compare Cleopatra to other more modern slots, the graphics and animations are acceptable but not fantastic.

Also, while the manufacturer describes this slot as having “medium volatility,” in practice, the volatility level leans more toward “medium-high.”

How I fared playing in demo mode

I played the Cleopatra online slot in demo mode twice, betting $20 per spin. Both sessions were winners. I did not win early on, and I did not trigger the free spins bonus round — not even once.

The free spins offer the potential for huge wins, especially if you retrigger them, but I suspect it is challenging to trigger them at all.

You can also score substantial wins during the base game, but it could be a long time in coming. That’s why playing with an adequate bankroll for the betting stake you select is essential.

During one playing session, even after my first “big win” of $298, I was still about $100 down. A second more significant win of $454 put me $277 ahead, at which point I decided to call it a day.


During the other playing session, nine spins in a row came up empty, until I finally won $210 in one spin, followed soon thereafter by a single spin win of $439. I finished that session $310 ahead.

The bottom line

Cleopatra does have the potential to win big, but be prepared to withstand the possibility of losing a chunk of your playing stake in the beginning.

On the other hand, if you are ahead but see that you’re giving some of your winnings back, ending your session sooner rather than later is highly recommended. Your luck can turn quickly, and before you know it, you can give back all of your winnings and more.

The story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra dates back to the BC years but is brought back to life via this attractive slot made by Multimedia Games. The game’s theme is rather simplistic and is as user-friendly as you will find on the floor of a casino.

Multimedia Games is branded on this slot machine that first debuted in 2014, but the company has since been acquired by Everi Games, based out of Spring Valley, Nevada. Since the late 1990s, Everi has been providing slot games and payment processing services to some of the biggest names in the casino industry.

The Antony & Cleopatra slot is a penny slot and, as such, the odds are not really in your favor throughout most of the base game. With that being said, there are bonuses and progressive jackpots that can make the otherwise large house edge something of little concern. The game itself consists of 5 reels with 4 symbols on each reel.

The types of symbols you will on Antony & Cleopatra are poker symbols from 9-A, prized jewel, Roman coins, Roman weaponry, as well as images of the regal Mark Antony and the seductive Cleopatra. The graphics are basic, but the noises put you right back into the times of chariots and gladiators. Add to this a few progressive jackpots and bonuses, and this game is not so bad for a penny slot.

Antony & Cleopatra Video Slot Bonuses

Penny slots never make a player’s life easy, but there are ways to circumvent otherwise poor odds and walk away with some cash. Keeping with the user-friendliness of the game, the bonuses are both easy to understand and do not take up much time at all.

Free Spin Bonus – Free Spin symbols are scattered amongst the 5 reels, and in order to trigger a Free Spin Bonus round you must uncover at least 3 of them on a single spin. Upon triggering a Free Spin Bonus, you will be awarded winnings as well as 8 free spins. During the bonus round, both Antony and Cleopatra symbols are wild for all symbols except the Free Spins symbol. A player can earn 8 more free spins by uncovering 3 scattered Free Spins symbols on the reels. In total, a Free Spin Bonus can reach no more than a maximum of 80.

Wild Pair Bonus – In order to trigger the Wild Pair Bonus, a player must land a 4-high stack of both Antony and Cleopatra symbols on any reel. Upon doing this,4-7 Wilds will drop from the top of the reels to turn random positions wild. These Wilds are wild for all symbols except the Free Spins symbol.

Must-Hit Jackpots – The 2 progressive jackpots for the Antony & Cleopatra slot are referred to as mini and mega jackpots, with mega being the larger of the two. They are referred to as “Must-Hit” jackpots because the jackpot must be awarded before the progressive jackpot reaches a certain dollar amount. For example, if the Mega Must-Hit Jackpot’s limit is $300, the jackpot must be awarded to a player prior to the jackpot amount exceed $299.99.

Length of Bonus Rounds

The only bonus round that really takes an extra amount of time is the Free Spin Bonus. Because you are awarded a minimum of 8 free spins, the bonus round will last at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. There is a maximum of 80 free spins that can possibly be awarded, however, this happens infrequently and will still only account for a few minutes’ worth of time.

Play Antony & Cleopatra Slot Online

Despite Antony & Cleopatra having been on the floors of casinos since 2014, it does not yet exist at any online casino. This inconsistency with Everi is a theme, as some slot titles exist both at brick and mortar and online casinos, while others do not exist online at all.

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