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Casino Management Systems


Integration of elaborate bonus systems in casino game software. The history of this company originates back to 1980. Today, they are mostly engaged in gambling software development for online platforms all over Europe. Besides focusing on slots software integration, Novomatic is also working with land-based gambling software for sale. The CasinoTrac casino management system by Table Trac, Inc. Delivers comprehensive insights to your business ranging from accounting and revenue audits to Players Club and promotions. Now processing millions of transactions daily at over 150 casinos worldwide, it provides full functionality on all levels of casino operations. MDIEditor Lotto WE is not only a great-looking piece of software (“a piece of art”, a user said) – it is the most comprehensive application for lottery, lotto, Powerball-type games, Euromillions, horse racing, probability, statistics, combinatorial mathematics. Over 350 casinos trust Omnigo Software for security, surveillance, and loss prevention.


Casino Systems Software

WIGOS offers the most complete suite of technology tools to manage all functions in the casino operation, while enhancing the decision-making process with powerful features. An extremely flexible, reliable and stable system proven in more than 325 casinos of all sizes connecting 90k player positions.


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Casino Management Systems


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Category Features
  • Bonusing
  • Cage and Credit Accounting
  • Cashless Options
  • Display Management
  • Gaming Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile Casino Operations
  • Multi Site Support
  • Player and Pit Tracking
  • Player Management
  • Server Based Gaming
  • Slot Floor Management
  • Slot Management and Accounting


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Casino Management Software

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