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Slot Madness Casino Cashback Bonuses. With the weekly cashback bonus, whether you win or lose, every time you spin the reels at this casino, you are going to win! Slot Madness Casino makes sure all the players get an unparalleled gaming experience, without the fear of losing their hard earned money. Cashback is a bonus offered by an online casino to try and bring players back after they have lost some money on the gaming lobby. Similar to other in-house promotions, such deals are typically given to both new players and loyal members. We can roughly divide cashback offers into the following types.

Both traditional land-based casinos and online casinos use special promotions to attract business. Slot clubs in brick and mortar casinos have their equal in the world of Internet casino gambling, loyalty clubs and bonus offers from online casinos that range from small deposit match cash prizes to cashback programs.Casino VIP clubs. Bonuses can be combined with matching bonus offer, however Cashback #1 can only be used on First Deposit, Cashback #2 can only be used on Second deposit, etc; only one welcome offer can be used per deposit. The minimum deposit to be eligible for this offer is 50€/$. Make sure you read further & understand 777slotsbay’s Bonus Terms.

Perhaps you’ve visited a land-based casino with your friends recently. A nights out is definitely great fun. However, casinos always have opening hours. What if you have to go home when you’re just in a winning streak? You don’t experience this problem in an online casino. What’s more, you can gamble from the comfort of your own home. Online casinos even offer financial advantages like cash back bonuses that you don’t have at their land-based versions! What kind of advantages do online casinos give in comparison to traditional casinos?

Cashback casino’s 2019

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Cashback bonus of online casinos

You immediately notice something interesting when you visit an online casino. The homepage is not only filled with great games, but with promotions as well. Online casinos offer some great bonuses that give you the possibility to win a lot of money. Free spins, cash back bonuses and deposit bonuses are just a few of them. You will not find these promotions at land-based casinos. How better the bonuses, how more players a casino attracts. Casino players really like bonuses. There are many of them, but the deposit bonus is one of the most popular. In that case you receive a bonus percentage based on your deposit at the casino. So this bonus will be higher with a deposit of 100 euros than when you’ve made a deposit of 50 euros.

Cashback bonus percentages

Gambling is based on luck. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Almost every online casino has a nice solution for this. They offer a so-called ‘cashback bonus’. It means that some money is transferred back to your account after a loss. Most of the time this is a percentage of the losses that you’ve endured. Imagine that you’ve played a certain casino game for a while. You got out of luck and lost some money. Luckily, there’s a cashback bonus available. Because of this you get some money back, usually between 5 and 25 percent of the loss.
Difference between deposit bonus and cashback bonus
Some players confuse the deposit bonus with the cashback bonus. The big difference is that you get a deposit bonus just once, while the cashback bonus applies to a longer period of time. An online casino knows exactly what kind of games you like and what you’ve lost and gained. The cashback bonus is based on a certain period that you’ve lost money. A percentage of this money will be given back to you. Every casino player benefits from this nice bonus. Be honest: no one is lucky all the time. Some days you lose money, so it’s great that the casino gives you something back.

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Advantages of the cashback bonus
The cashback bonus has many advantages in comparison with the deposit bonus. You can benefit from it several times, and the money that is returned is usually higher. This is because of the fact that you simply have more time to play. During this time, you will probably win and loss. Besides that, the terms and conditions for the deposit bonus can be quite complicated. What’s more, sometimes it’s impossible meet all the conditions of a deposit bonus. There are less rules for the cashback bonus, so more people benefit from it.

Cashback bonus for loyal players
Most online casinos that use a cashback bonus give a certain percentage of your money back. This relates to all the casino games you’ve lost money with. However, this is not always the case. Some casinos only use the cashback bonus for certain games. By doing so, they want to encourage players to try certain games. Usually, the money from the cashback bonus will be added to your account real quick. You can play with this money immediately. However, some casinos only give cashback as a bonus. You need to play a certain times before the money will be transferred to your account. Perhaps you visit a certain online casino a lot of times. This can definitely be worth it, especially if you take a look at the bonuses. Some casinos only give the cashback bonus to loyal players. These people visit the casino almost every day and have gained so-called ‘loyalty points’ for that. So how more you play, how higher the cashback bonus.

Why some online casinos don’t like the cashback bonus

Perhaps you’re still looking for a great online casino with a deposit bonus and a cashback bonus. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find these places on the internet. The main reason for players to become a member of online casinos with such bonuses is the financial benefit. A deposit bonus or welcome bonus is only given one time, while you can benefit from the cashback bonus several times. The sad news is that there aren’t a lot of casinos with a good cashback bonus. This is because of the fact that it doesn’t really benefit them for the long term. Because of the cashback bonus some casinos have to give a lot of money back to their players. So it makes sense that they don’t offer this bonus.

Bonus Cashback Slot

Cashback Bonus On Discover Card

Find an online casino with a cashback bonus
The fact that not every online casino offers the cashback bonus isn’t good news. However, some online casinos have decided otherwise and do offer a cashback bonus. How do you find an reliable and safe online casino with great bonuses? It’s a good idea to read several reviews of online casinos. The people who write these reviews already have experience with the bonuses and they’re able to tell you if it was a benefit to them. Hopefully you’ll find a good place to start playing. Don’t worry when you lose some money, because this is perfectly normal in a casino. Thanks to the cashback bonus you get a percentage of your loss back. You can use the cashback money to try again. Maybe you’re more lucky next time!

Both traditional land-based casinos and online casinos use special promotions to attract business. Slot clubs in brick and mortar casinos have their equal in the world of Internet casino gambling, loyalty clubs and bonus offers from online casinos that range from small deposit match cash prizes to cashback programs. Casino VIP clubs and online casino promotional departments both reward their loyal customers, though they do it a little differently.

All casino bonuses are meant to be just that: rewards, prizes, or whatever you want to call them. Money you earn from cashback programs and deposit bonuses should be a cushion for your bankroll, a way to offset a small amount of your losses. Like in traditional casinos, online casino cashback programs and bonuses are offered to loyal customers to thank them for their business. You won’t get rich participating in these programs, but you can put a little dent in your losses.

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