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This bingo card has a free space and 43 words: Slate is Mentioned, 'Think Outside the Box', Background noise due to not muting mic, 'Share with me your thoughts on..', A non-admissions staff appears, A Pet is seen/heard, Someone is late due to computer issues, Someone Calls In, Someone is Eating, Two people try talking at once, Texting someone on the same call, Screen Freezes, 'Bless You', 'Touch Base', 'In this current environment', 'Pandemic', 'Enrollment Funnel', Someone talks to someone off screen, 'Telecommute', Someone mentions another University, TSI is mentioned, 'Where is that located', UMC is Mentioned, Jacks Pass is Mentioned, SAT or ACT is mentioned, Orientation is Mentioned, TikTok is mentioned, 'Conversion', Enrollment numbers are mentioned, Orientation is Mentioned, 'Lumberjacks Live!', COVID-19, Coronavirus, 'Working your prospects', Res Life is mentioned, 'Mail Merge', 'Zoom', Processing is Mentioned, Someones kid is seen/heard, ApplyTexas is mentioned, Someone shares their screen, Someone answers a phone call and Teams is Mentioned.

You can play Bingo remotely with friends on Zoom by scheduling a meeting. Once the Zoom meeting time and date is scheduled, share the unique ID with your friends to play Bingo with them during that. If you are looking for a slick and fun-filled virtual event for your private party or company event, you've come to the right place. I have the most successful Zoom Bingo show in the world and regularly host virtual events for celebrities and Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, MTV, CISCO and dozens more!

⚠ This card has duplicate items: Orientation is Mentioned (2)

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Still looking for some games you can play with your group while social distancing? This week we played Bingo, and it’s fairly simple.

You can do this many different ways. However it is easiest to use Zoom or Facebook live as long as you can share your screen.

Step 1 – Bingo Cards

Option 1: Printed or Online Cards

The first step was to find Bingo cards for everyone. makes this easy and free for up to 30 players. Click on the link that says 30 cards for free.

Once you do you’ll be given the option to download the cards in pdf. Instead, you can get an individual link for each card that can be texted or emailed.

The online cards actually allow you to play virtually and mark them as you play using your phone, tablet or computer.


Email or text the cards out to everyone playing. I would suggest doing this earlier in the day or the day before so that you can start

Option 2: Make Your Own

With a small group it might be easy to have everyone make their own cards. Post some instructions ahead of time on what the letters and numbers should be. It needs to be a 5×5 grid with Bingo in letters across the top. Then they choose 5 numbers under each letter from the following choices B 1-15, I 16-30, N 31-45, G 46-60, O 61-75.

Bingo Calling

Some of you may have a bingo set at your house. However, for the rest of us I found a great option. Go to This is a simple and absolutely free bingo caller program that automatically calls and displays called numbers. Everyone seeing the screen can hear and see each ball called.

Other options could include using a bingo cage you have at the church or at home. Or you could make slips of paper with the numbers on them and call out that way.

Bingo Online For Zoom Meetings

Video Set Up

Here is where you have a few options.

Option 1 – Cell Phone Video

The first option is to set your phone in front of your computer screen and broadcast to instagram live or Facebook live. Those who get a bingo could text you.

Option 2 – Zoom

Australian survivor betting. A second option would be to use the screen share function of Zoom to share the bingo caller window with everyone. In addition, make sure and share the audio as well.

Option 3 – Zoom and Facebook Live

Finally you can use the screen share function of Zoom to then share on Facebook live. This is what the guys at stuffyoucanuse do with their trivia games.

Bingo Online For Zoom Video Conferencing

It’s a little more intricate set up but it will allow many people to follow along. And you won’t have to worry about zoom invitations and so many people in one call.


How To Play Virtual Bingo On Zoom

I hope that this is helpful as we continue to all look for ways to engage our youth and church during the coronavirus lockdown. For more coronavirus resources please check out our Covid-19 Resource Page

Bingo Online For Zoom Meeting

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