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YouTube restored the two slots video channels, but days later, still had not restored the feeds’ advertising.

Two of the most popular slot machine channels on YouTube were pulled from the video sharing website for inappropriate content on June 4. Brian Christopher of “The YouTube Team” and Scott ‘The Raja’ Richter of “The Big Jackpot” had their YouTube feeds taken down the site’s administrators due to “repeated or severe violations” of YouTube policies.

The problem was, Brian Christopher and Scott Richter had no idea what their violations were. YouTube’s staff gave only vague reasons in the email explaining the actions. When appeals were made, YouTube gave a flat denial and no additional information.

About The Big Jackpot: The Big Jackpot began life as a hobby and has quickly evolved into a phenomenon! The entire team is incredibly grateful that our little slot play videos and gambling misadventures have resonated with so many, and we want to give our fans the content and vicarious adrenaline rush they crave; but doing it right takes.

Brian Christopher said the YouTube Team was accused of depicting “violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death” in their videos.

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Because his YouTube channel is simply live video of him playing slot machines, neither Christopher nor his team could explain what they showed that was violent or dangerous. Attempts to get clarification went unanswered.

YouTube Team & Big Jackpot Restored

Days later, The YouTube Team and the Big Jackpot were restored to YouTube. The video-sharing site gave no explanation for the restoration — and certainly no more information on why they were singled-out in the first place. No guidance was given for maintaining their good standing.

One problem with both channels was their ability to make money from advertisements was not restored — at least immediately. YouTube told Brian Christopher that his advertising would be restored within 24 to 48 hours, though it had not happened 5 days later.

The episode serves as a cautionary tale for gambling-related YouTube channels — your status as a YouTube star and big moneymaker can be taken away in an instant, inexplicably and with no recourse. YouTube can be lucrative, but it also can be a shaky foundation for a business.

The YouTube Team by Brian Christipher

Brian Christopher’s YouTube channel is a business, no doubt. He spent two years building the YouTube Team channel. Brian Christopher says he spends 8 to 12 hours a day working on the video content. Besides that, Christopher has 3 full-time employees to help him with the YouTube Team.

Working together, they built a website with hundreds of videos of Brian Christopher playing slot machines and (sometimes) winning big jackpots. The YouTube Team now has 82,000 subscribers and 50 million total views overall — with thousands of views a day. Brian Christopher has a fan club, the “Rudies”.

Yet it was all gone and deleted with one mysterious editorial decisions. Two years of work was gone in an instant. Even after the YouTube Team was restored, Christopher and his fans still wonder what happened. Some think rivals might have flagged the channel to get rid of the competition. Others think it was a mere clerical error, or something on the video “Smokin’ Hot Gems, BIG WIN Mammoth Power Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher” tripped something in a YouTube algorithm.

The Big Jackpot by Scott Richter

Scott Richter’s Big Jackpot channel has 115,000 subscribers and 2 million unique monthly views. Due to the trademark #BOOM hashtag on Richter’s Twitter feed, he has a growing fan club named “The Bomb Squad”.

Slots-based YouTube channels like Raja Richter’s are a way for slots players to learn about new game titles, while making friends with others who enjoy slots play. The “group pull” allows slots players to contribute to a common stake in famous slots, then each get their turn at hitting the spin button with a chance for a big prize.

In short, YouTube slot machine channels are a fun way to enjoy a hobby. Nothing about such feeds are dangerous, violent, or likely to cause death — even if Scott Richter’s fan club is called the Bomb Squad.

YouTube Channel Policies: Arbitrary and Mysterious

The two video stars told Forbes in a recent article about the incident that other YouTube channel owners need to be aware of the dangers. Their popular feed could be gone overnight. Original video content on YouTube is a path to fame and fortune, but video-sharing entrepreneurs need to beware that they don’t get over their skis on investments in the business.

Not many precautions can be taken, because YouTube (owned by Google) is unaccountable to its channel owners, who are its business partners. It’s a one-sided relationship. YouTube makes billions off the advertisement from such slots feeds, but they can sever the relationship at any time.

Those who own a YouTube channel need to back up their video content — all of it and before it is posted. If your channel is taken down, this allows you to retrieve months or years of work. You’ll still have lost a popular channel, thousands of subscribers, and all the links to your channel, but you at least have something with which to start over.

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Scott Raja Richter is an incredibly successful person. He’s an entrepreneur, advisor, and PR expert who currently owns an online marketing company. But what he is most famous for is his YouTube channel, The Big Jackpot, where he plays high stakes slots, and shows off his latest big wins.

However, it wasn’t always like this for Scott. There were times when he was nicknamed as the Spam King and was also included in the list of top 100 spammers.

And for a reason.

Back in the day he was the director of LLC, a company now known as Media Breakaway.

His company used to send more than 100 million spam messages a day.

As a result of this, it was sued multiple times. The most famous lawsuit happened in 2006 when Richter had to pay $7 million to Microsoft for illegal spam activities.

Slot machine jackpot videos

Launch of The Big Jackpot on YouTube

2017 was the year when Scott Richter has completely changed his life.

He started actively experimenting with social media and decided to create a YouTube slot channel. He initially created it for fun and didn’t expect it to be anything more than a hobby.

However, the gamble (pun very much intended) certainly worked out for him. As he improved his reputation, he became known as the King of Slots instead of the King of Spam.

The Big Jackpot Slot Play

Casino gambling might not seem like the most exciting theme for a YouTube channel, but Richter has proved everyone wrong.

The Big Jackpot Slot Videos

The Big Jackpot became popular right off the bat, mainly because people love seeing others risk large sums of money, and that’s exactly what Richter does. He is a high-stakes gambler, who has his own crew that travels with him to various American casinos.

One of the main things that separates The Big Jackpot from many other gambling channels is the genuine experience. Scott shows not only his huge winnings, but also all of his big losses. It makes it feel like you are playing with him and creates an exciting atmosphere. You can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as he places a large bet.

Most of the videos that come out on The Big Jackpot YouTube channel are about massive winnings and reviews of real money slots and casinos.

Raja does not have a certain genre of slots he likes above all others.

There is one important requirement, however, he only plays high limit slots that range from $75 to $500 per spin.

There are also live streams where you can see how Raja plays and ask your questions in the chat.

New videos come out nearly every day, and at times there are even multiple videos coming out daily.

Scott’s views and statistics on YouTube, as of the last quarter of 2020.

Social Networks Used by Scott Richter

Here is a list of all social networks used by the streamer: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and Snapchat. In addition to these, he also runs a Patreon and has his own forum.

As you can see, the King of Slots certainly does not shy away from social networks. He still doesn’t have a TikTok account but, considering the latest trends, we wouldn’t be surprised if he made one very soon.

There is also a fan forum where you can chat with other Scott Richter Fans. You can find all of the latest updates there, as well as watch the most recent videos.


When it comes to Patreon, there are seven different membership levels that you can choose from. The price ranges from $5 to $1,000.

The cheaper tiers allow you to get access to his personal Snapchat, Facebook group, email address, unique bonus items, co-host a live podcast, etc.

The upper 3 tiers will provide you with even more features. For instance, you can get a T-shirt designed specifically for you or ask him to follow you back on social media.

Finally, you can play at a Vegas casino exclusively with him, or even get him to come play at your own home casino.No deposit casino bonus code.


Scott Richter also has a website, where you can get in touch with him, find all of the links to his social networks, read his blog, watch the newest videos, and choose from ten T-shirts to your taste.

There is also an option that allows you to subscribe to his newsletter and become one of the members of the Bomb Squad.

The Big Jackpot Slot Videos From Casinos

The Big Jackpot Net Worth

The Big Jackpot’s net worth in 2020 is about $479,000 USD.

This figure is an estimate of what Scott Richter makes from his channel in a year. The figure far better than most of his gambling YouTube competitors.

However, he is still slightly behind Brian Cristopher and Roshtein Twitch streamer, who are considered to be his biggest rivals.

The Big Jackpot Biggest Win

Considering the amount of time and money Richter spends on slot machines, it would be very surprising if he wouldn’t have any big slot wins. Thus, you already know what to expect when you are looking at his enormous takings.

There are two big jackpots that clearly stand out from all and attract the most attention.

His biggest jackpot was won at Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas on Top Dollar Slot.

He ended up winning a whopping $100,000. What makes it even more impressive is that he managed to win it during his live streams.

The second biggest jackpot ended up being nearly $63,000 and was won on the Golden Goddess gaming machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Big Jackpot guy?

Scot Richter is the head of one of the most popular YouTube gambling channels. He is known for being a high roller that prefers slots with boundless limits.

Raja has his own website, where he shares the most recent news, and sells his merch.

He is also the owner of The Big Jackpot app, where you can get 100 million free coins on your first install, and play exclusive video slots.

Moreover, Scott hosts podcasts, where he gives advice to new players and discusses marketing trends.

How did Scott Richter initially become popular?

Raja was first popular for his bad reputation due to a big lawsuit he lost to Microsoft for engaging in illegal spam activities.

However, that was a long time ago, and he has really made a name for himself since then. He is now a full-fledged online gambling celebrity and keeps becoming more and more popular, thanks to his YouTube channel.

Huge Slot Jackpot Videos

Are the Big Jackpot slots wins authentic?

The Big Jackpot Slot Videos Now

The Big Jackpot slot wins are absolutely authentic. And it’s very easy to check.

He streams all of the trips to the casino and shows everything he does to his audience.

You can open any video that says “Live Play Action” and see him playing slots right at the casino.

Scott isn’t afraid of showing his losses either, which speaks to his trustworthiness. Moreover, you can even try to meet him at one of the Los Angeles casinos.

The Big Jackpot Slot Videos $100 000

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