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  • Why settle for an online wagering system that takes minutes to update? AmWager is the fastest, most modern online wagering platform in existence.
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  • AmWager Mobile App AmWager provides a download app for easy betting on mobile devices. The native app is easy to use, even with hundreds of pools and markets to navigate.

Dutch betting is a powerful AmWager feature that can quickly give you an edge over the competition and improve your cash return. It is easy and fast to use, even an absolute novice can utilize AmWager’s built in realtime dutch wagering calculator and improve their wagering game. As our resident handicapper Papo Morales put it:

You have $20 to spend at the grocery store to buy three things to make a sandwich: bread, cheese, and meat. Would you take that $20 and divide it by three and spend $6.66 on each item, when the bread cost $1.99, cheese $3.49, and meat $6.99? The simple answer is no.

Unfortunately, that is what you are doing when you are boxing your wagers.When you box your selections, regardless of what the current odds are, you are essentially spending the same of amount on each selection even though they are at different odds. In other words, you are lowering your return on investment (ROI).

Dutch wagering can be a risk-minimizing, profitable and useful strategy under any of the following scenarios:

  • A player has narrowed down the win contenders to 2 or more runners, all of whom can be bet and still generate a positive ROI.
  • A false favorite is over bet, and a profit can be realized if any (or most others) in the race win.
  • In a wide-open race a number of logical long shots can be identified.
  • The favorite or second favorite is a likely winner, but the second favorite or favorite is vulnerable creating exacta overlays with the logical contenders underneath.
  • Inefficiencies exist in the exotic pools so that a series of properly structured wagers will generate a return in excess of a win bet ( e.g. a horse is 2-1 in the win pool but 3-1 in the exacta pool).
  • Dutch wagers are sized using current odds/probables…a shift in final odds can impact the actual success ROI.

Read below for the full Dutching Guide:

Dutch betting allows a player to create a bet built from multiple individual wagers, with the aim being to achieve the same payout no matter what selected runner comes in. This gives players a powerful tool to spread their stake across multiple runners, gaining the same payout if any selection comes in. The AmWager dutching calculator lets you achieve this in two ways, by choosing your desired total stake amount or choosing the desired payout amount.

You can dutch on any win bet, exacta bet, quinella bet, or daily double bet that has odds by clicking on the “Dutch Cost” or “Dutch Payout” buttons on the strategy bar. If there are no odds available, the dutching buttons will be disabled.

A key concept when dutch betting is return on investment (profit). On AmWager, the ROI in the ticket area is based on the worst outcome of your dutch bet with your total stake subtracted. You may also click the button to see the full dutch details.

Below we have selected “DutchCost” of $20 on 3 runners. The dutching system calculates the bets should be split at $3 on the 2, $3 on the 3 and $14 on the 6. All wagers will give a payout roughly the same. If any of your wagers come in the worst you can do is a 222% profit.

You can also remove individual wagers from this view by clicking on the remove button.

Invalid wagers, such as those whose stake does not meet the pool minimum stake rules will given an error message in red. You may still submit the valid wagers if you choose. If you want to keep that wager then you will either need to remove other selections or increase your base stake/payout.

Amwager api

After submitting the wager it will appear in your Stacked or Active bets depending on your choice. At that point you can view the dutch details by clicking on the button on the dutch bet line.

In this view you can view current ROI, ROI at the time you made bet, your individual wagers and the status of those wagers. You may cancel the entire dutch wager by pressing the [Cancel] button on the wager line in the tree or you can cancel individual wagers from within the detail view.

Michigan players are allowed access to AmWage horse betting site and can sign up to claim a new player bonus if they are 21 or over.

Amwager MI Bonus Offer

AmWager offers a sign-up deposit match worth 100%, up to $100.

  • Open an account with Amwager from Michigan
  • Use promo code during registration
  • Claim $100 promo by depositing $100 and placing your bet

Alternatively, you can enter a promo code and claim Bonus Cash Back when they bet a sufficient amount during their first 30-day period. You will also be able to earn real cash when you refer a friend and both of you make a wager.

Plus, you can join the Cash Rewards Program and earn a percentage of your wager as cashback.

There are five reward levels at AmWager. Bronze offers a 2% cashback with no minimum betting amount. You’ll earn 3% cashback in the Silver level for betting $500 a month. Hit the Titanium level and bet over $80,000 a year and you can earn a bespoke cashback amount.

AmWager is a handicapping and horse race betting website available in the United States. It operates under a licence from the Oregon Racing Commission, but also holds separate gaming licences in New York State, Wyoming, Kentucky, Montana, and Idaho.

Gamblers in Michigan can also sign up and open an online AmWager account to place bets and earn Cash Rewards. As well as making pari-mutuel bets on horse races across the US, AmWager lets you access live video replays and study a full history of race results.

Registration Process

Free bonus codes for raging bull casino. AmWager is currently restricted to players in Michigan. However, when Michigan gamblers are allowed to sign up, the registration process will be smooth and straightforward.

To register, you must be over 21 and must pass the relevant ID checks. You will need to provide a valid email address and create a unique password to login.

Once you click the verification link, you will be able to access video streams and results. However, to make deposits and make bets, you will need to provide certain details:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Last 4 digits of SSN

Deposits & Withdrawals

AmWager currently accepts deposits via half a dozen banking options. Michiganders will have full access to the cashier when the site goes live in Michigan.

Current deposit options don’t include US debit or credit cards. However, you will be able to make deposits via bank transfer, Bitcoin, or ACH. You will also be able to pay in person with PayNearMe at your local participating 7-Eleven and CVS store.

  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH/e-Check
  • PayNearMe
  • Bitcoin
  • MoneyPak
  • @theRegister

It will be possible to withdraw winnings from your AmWager account. However, you will be limited to receiving cash via personal or online check.

Available Markets & Features

AmWager accepts bets on nearly 500 tracks including thoroughbred and standardbred racing in the US. Greyhound racing is also permitted through the AmWager online betting platform.

Making bets is easy: simply choose a racing track, event, and race. Then, check the available pools and runners to bet on. You can view all current bets under the ‘Active Bets’ tab, or view your winning and losing wagers via the ‘Closed Bets’ tab.

Horse Racing Betting

Amwager App Download

AmWager offers Michigan horse bettors pooled betting on thousands of horse races. You will have four types of Straight Bet to choose from including:

  • Win
  • Place
  • Show
  • Across the Board

You can also choose high-risk ‘exotic bets’ involving multiple horses. These include vertical bets like the Exacta, Quinella, and Trifecta, where you must predict the exact outcome of a race.

Vertical wagers at AmWager include:

  • Exacta: Predict the first and second place horses in exact order
  • Trifecta: Predict the first, second and third place horses in exact order
  • Quinella: Predict first and second place horses in any order
  • Superfecta: Predict the top four horses in exact order
  • Super High Five: Predict the top five finishers in exact order
  • Hexafecta: Predict the top six finishing horses in exact order

You can also bet on Boxed Bets and Wheel Bets. A boxed bet is a wager on your horses finishing in any order. A Wheel involves betting on different horses for various finishing positions.

Dutch Wagering: AmWager facilitates Dutch Wagering on all horse races. You are allowed to customize your own bet from lots of separate wagers.

Greyhound Racing: Online pari-mutuel bets are also permitted on greyhound racing at AmWager. Some states restrict greyhound race betting, so it’s not known right now whether Michigan will follow the same route.

ABC Betting: AmWager Horse Racing also offers a unique ABC betting system. This lets you handicap your selections across different betting levels, all on one ticket.

Amwager Api

Live Streams: AmWager offers free streams of live horse races around the US. You can also watch historical races from the past few years.

AmWager Mobile App

AmWager provides a download app for easy betting on mobile devices. The native app is easy to use, even with hundreds of pools and markets to navigate.

You can download the iOS and Android app direct from the AmWager website. There’s no need to visit the App Store or Google Play Store.


Customer Support at AmWager

AmWager offers customer service to players from Sunday to Thursday midday-9pm. However, those hours are extended on Fridays and Saturdays, closing at 10pm.

Unfortunately, AmWager only accepts contact via email at present. There is currently no live chat or phone support.

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