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American slot machines are developing rapidly and of course keep up with the development of computer technology. After all, the very concept of this game carries double standards. Such a game can be found under a specific name that is exactly can be called “American original slot”. The fact that the All American slot lacks wild card icon may put off some gamers, but the simplicity of the gameplay appeals to all the gamblers. This slot looks more like a computer game rather than the standard traditional video games. It has a progressive jackpot to maximize the payout ranges.

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History - The Slot Machine Is American
Current versions of the slot machine are all descendants of the Liberty Bell, created in 1899 by Charles Fey, a German immigrant working as a mechanic in San Francisco. This machine operated in much the same way that slots today work. Within the machine's casing, there are three reels or metal rings, each with 10 symbols on it. When the slot machine's lever (or arm) was pulled, the reels would spin and stop sequentially. If three of the same symbols lined up horizontally across the main window, then a prize (determined by the slot machine's pay table) would be awarded. At the time, the slots were called the 'Liberty Bell' because one of the symbols on these reels was a picture of the liberty bell, and three liberty bells being aligned usually gave the largest prize.

Online Vegas Slots
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Playing slots online
You can play slots online for free right here at American-Slots.Com. We offer three exciting slot machines that are guaranteed to provide you with hours and hours of free entertainment. We give you a thousand free points to start you off, so have a few spins and see how much you can build on that. It should be pretty easy to do since these slots have over 100% payback percentage. Yes, you read correctly, 100%! Remember, it's not for real money, it's for fun, so while we plan to make it possible for you to redeem your points for real prizes, right now it's all simply good clean slot machine fun. Play for free now!

Playing slots online for real money
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