Addams Family Fruit Machine

  1. Addams Family Values Thanksgiving
  2. The Addams Family 1960s

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The Addams Family

Addams family pinball, Addams family gold pinball

manufacturer Bally midway USA

manufactured 1991-1993

  1. The original addams family was a huge hit but the designers felt they could improve it more later on so produced the 'gold' version. This is extremely rare and very collectable.
  2. Manufacturer: Arcade System: Fruit-Machines Welcome to the Arcade Fruit-Machines ROMs section of the ROM Database. Please scroll down for more sections and remember to share this page. You can also vote for your favourite system. Fruit Machine ROMs. These are remakes and ROMs of Fruit Machines found in the corner of every pub, amusement.
  3. Pinball Girl Auction:1967 King of Diamonds, Mechanically Restored, No Reserve! $500.00 shipping.

Take your pick of popular games such as Centaur and The Addams Family. Gottlieb Pinball Machines. Despite the manufacturer Gottlieb closing its doors in 1996, several of its most iconic pinball machines live on. Choose from Gladiator themed pinball machines and games like Cue Ball Wizard, Hi-Dolly and Black Hole. SEGA Pinball Machines.

The first of the new generation of pinball. The first to feature a full dot matrix display.This greatly improved game appeal and let the designers really go to town with their skills.

The original addams family was a huge hit but the designers felt they could improve it more later on so produced the 'gold' version. This is extremely rare and very collectable and usually commands a £4000+ price tag.

The gold program is an easy retrofit into existing addams family (black cabinet)

Extras on gold model were

the addition of gold coloured side artwork, front hand protector,legs,things box,bookcase,centre wire ramp, bottom arch and cabinet side rails. It also had a buy in button fitted to let you buy an extra ball to try to complete certain scenes.

Programming changes were numerous and included 'cousin its hideout', wednesday and pugsleys secret passage and extra dot matrix displays. Extra sound effects and game extras made the addams,to quote bally

some 'thing' special in pinball

The Addams features are fantastic!

Thing automatically flips the ball to the swamp

get the ball in the swamp (takes a bit of skill and thing usually does it better than me)

4 flippers on playfield

3 under magnets make 'the power' this sends the balls in all directions and mezmorises the player

Thing pops out of his box to grab ball and take it to the lock

The picture above shows an addams family currently under restoration in our workshops

This is the one everyone wants! But you just can't seem to get! Features based on the film with gomez and trish with thing lending a hand! easy ramp shots, hidden features, moving bookcase, thing ball locker, multiball and magic ball pulling magnets under playfield make this a game where you never know whats going to happen! plenty of features but still easy to play. (the first of the dot matrix machines)rare! rare! rare! from £1895 UP!





If you wish to own the ULTIMATE in pinball history just let us know your budget and we will prepare you an addams family to your spec.approx 2 weeks delivery time

Collectable????? you here to see who owns addams family pinball and what they think of it..!

If you require the 'gold upgrade' for a machine you already own we can supply the upgrade chips with fitting instructions for £30. (this is purely a programming charge and supply of blank eprom chips. All copyright and reserved rights belong to bally midway and respective copyright owners)

spares available:

new clear ramp £125. (clear ramp with under decals.Looks fab)

flipper rebuild kits £10 each. (all wear parts and new fasteners. includes crank arm,plunger,link,coil liner,e.o.s switch)

'keep it flippin right' (addams family has 4 flippers. takes approx 30 mins each to install)

Flipper coils £10 each (state which flipper required as there are different strengths)

bookcase base £20 and upright £10

rubber ring kits £20

sling plastics £25

full playfield plastics kits £190.

Addams Family Values Thanksgiving

mirror balls £3 each. How to play lotto 247 lottery. Addams family requires 3 balls

Original balls £1-50 each

main program/sound program upgrades £25 set. lx3 gold rom set (you must already own machine.Price is for blank rom and programming only.all rights reserved by copyright owners)

coin mechanisms and coin doors

new leg sets £90 in chrome

The Addams Family 1960s


leg bolt sets in black or chromed £15/set of 8

New cabinet artwork reproduction full set £195

Ramp protector for main ramp tight bend £20

Cliffy's hole protector for electric chair £25

we stock virtually everything 'addams family pinball' related

we also offer a pcb repair and advice service. if you have a fault just ask!

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